In/Spectre offers a few delighting moments this week as its plot thickens. Irina and I discuss the latest happenings in the case of Steel Lady Nanase.

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Even though In/Spectre is a very pretty show in my opinion, I also find it sort of visually dull. The scenes look very similar and I often end up with tons of caps I can hardly tell apart.

So Steel Lady Nanase stuffs her bra? What with. It looks like a bunny or something. That cannot be comfortable.

I realize that all these images look rather different, or rather they look like they belong in pairs, but you should understand that this is basically then entire first half of the episode. And I wasn’t trying to cut down on the images or anything.

I usually try to break up my galleries into the various episodes acts as they tend to all have distinctive looks to them. But that doesn’t really apply to episode 9 of In/Spectre. The narrative was in fact one even and slightly circular flow and the visuals followed suit.

It’s basically one look for the real world and one look of the internet world and the episode just went back and forth between the two.

This is the best I’ve ever seen Kuro look. I think it may have to do with the high contrast of his yellowish eyes and the purple/pink surroundings. I also like his hair dishevelled.

InSpectre ep9-5 (5)

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  1. @Kuro: He gains a little vigour when he’s agitated. Makes him look younger, to me.

    The character designs are pretty, but the rest of the show is more servicable than anything. It’s effective for its need but not a draw in its own rights. In large parts, the visuals function more like illustrative diagrams for all the concepts whirring around. A lot of silhouettes, shadows, screens, lines…

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