Visual Prison is not for everyone. I know this because I know fellow bloggers that have gone out of their way to let me know that it was the worst show they had ever watched or that they dropped it within the first 5 minutes. I mean it had the lowest rating of the season before it even aired and it hasn’t improved much. I figure it’s the kind of show that if you don’t get it, you’ll hate it.

I get it. I loved it. I would have watched more of it. It was just a goofy fun time from beginning to end. So let’s talk about that end!

I had a few predictions and a few wishes for the wrap-up of Visual Prison. The narrative made it so that the last episode had to be a concert. And the way things were looking, I figured it would be a great concert for OZ and Guil could go gently into that goodnight with n regrets or something along that line. Why do I doubt a show that has pretty much never let me down?

So yeah, the final episode was the eponymous visual prison concert. It was almost Christmasy as all the excitement and fan response was illustrated through coloured lights flowing into the sky in a vague cone pattern. Apparently, there were at least 3 other groups participating but we never even got to see them. Way to be elitist Visual Prison.

Oz played their one song once again. I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s a good thing I enjoy that song because they use it to death. Not only are there like 4 episodes in which they play it but it’s also the OP. I noticed that the arrangement was just a little different this time though. It actually did give off more of a live feeling than a studio version. And I appreciate that touch.

Eclipse and Lost Eden followed up with their own songs. I think Lost Eden had the most interesting composition. It had just a few hooks that weren’t your usual boy band stuff. And of course, Saga’s voice is itself not that common in the genre so I liked the effect. I can’t say I liked the song itself, but I appreciated it.

One thing I have noticed about boy idol anime is that very often, concerts consist of a single song and that’s extra obvious in Visual Prison. Imagine buying 50 to 100$ for tickets only to get a 3-minute show! That’s just amazing.

After their one song, all the boys get huge applause and get transported on the moon. Because realism is important in Visual Prison. At this point, I got the second biggest surprise of the episode, maybe of the whole series. It seems that they let OZ sing a different song. I didn’t realize they could even do that. And apparently, I wasn’t the only one shocked by that fact because that second song was enough for OZ to suddenly steal the spotlight and win everything. We’re even told the event was a first in vampire history. One band, two different songs on the same night??? Pure lunacy.

I was happy at this point but it sort f came out of the blue so I didn’t get to savour it much. We moved right into the obligatory bittersweet Guil goodbye scene and then, both Lost Eden and Eclipse just gave up all their tears (past wins) for Guil and Angel even shed a real tear and… I think the series did itself a disservice with the title Visual Prison. It’s too vague and most westerners are going to miss the reference. They should have called it Those Nice Vampire Boys who Sometimes have Animal Ears. That would have been a fan favourite!

Yeah, you guys, third but happiest surprise of the episode, it’s a mega super happy ending. Guil is ok, the other two bands are good sports and really just sweet guys. Everyone gets to continue signing together and making the world a better place through the power of music somehow and of course the power of camp! Panya was n good spirits, Robin gt to hug his brother, and we even got the one thing that marks all truly great Visual Prison episodes, random asked Dimitri! Dimitri really became my favourite character in this show and I want to say that it’s not because of the nudity but I also can’t say it hurt…

I’ve talked about the third and second biggest surprises. That implies there’s a first. And there is, they just kept it for the very end of the episode! You know that nice house the boys from OZ all love in. They have a pretty comfy-looking modern kitchen where they celebrate all their achievements. It was a café all this time… No one ever mentions it was a coffee shop. There hasn’t been a single customer… There’s only one table… hat an incredibly weird retcon to throw-in at the last minute. I absolutely love it. Visual Prison 2, Sweet Vampire Café – Let’s do this!!!!

The episode ends on a bookend of the first episode. Basically a mirror of the first scene with an unknown character who ends up meeting Angel. The very last line of the show is: Do you like music. Visual Prison is a campy, shallow and very silly show. But it’s not stupid. The people who made it know how to put together a season of anime. It’s filled with flair and small touches. It may only be appealing to a very niche audience but when you get it, you get it!

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This is a silly show and a silly post to read on Christmas but if you are, let me wish you personally, an extra happy Christmas this year. It doesn’t matter if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you should still be happy today. And tomorrow as well!

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