Visual Prison is getting more ridiculous with each passing episode. I mean that as the loving compliment it is. Although I figure it will be very detrimental to the overall rating the show receives. It works for me though. And if you have a healthy sense of humour and appreciation for kitsch, it may work for you…

This week we were introduced to Robin, and ging by the OP’ he’s going to be a future band member. Robin starts out as the genki type. You know, the energetic and very optimistic type that gets on most people’s nerves except mine. Although it also gets on my nerves eventually, so we’ll see. So far though, I thought he fit in well with the cast of exaggerated lunatics Visual Prison has gathered. And he and Ange sure became friends fast. Good for them.

I didn’t manage to get a screencap but there’s a scene where they are eating cotton candy and they use this blur effect which I imagine is meant to get the texture across. But when I first saw it I thought they had censored something that looked like a huge rainbow poo. And no one was talking about it. For a split second, I existed in that surreal world before reality came crashing in. It’s my fondest hope that at some point, Visual Prison will become so absurd that they would incorporate a similar element…

Also, I couldn’t help t notice Saga’s one line of dialogue during this episode. His speaking voice is fantastic. I’m sorry if this comes off rude, but to my ear, it’s way better than his singing voice. They should have him narrate the show. Can you imagine just how silly Visual Prison would be with snarky voice-over narration? Amazing!

Sorry, I’m babbling. It happens a lot when I review these types of shows. Ok, so back to the episode. Robin turns out to be a prodigy singer (surprise!) and a huge fan of Lost Eden. Kinda… Ket’s just say Robin quickly gets upgraded from genki boy to brocon, and that good???

Well, it’s not bad. It’s funny! The inappropriately romantic musical number between brothers made me laugh, seeing a vampire bite from and inside the mouth perspective was pure insanity and I wonder why I hadn’t seen that before. And I heard nii-san so much I started considering buying a new car. What more can you possibly want out of an episode?

I’ll tell you what! Panya. Last but definitely greatest, episode 3 of Visual Prison started with a cameo from the one character we’re all here to see. Maybe it’s because we’re now three episodes in and there is so much made about voices and music in this show that I finally noticed. Panya isn’t only the greatest diva in this place but he also has the best voice!

Not surprising since he is voiced by Tomokazu Sugita. You know, the guy that plays Joseph Joestar, Gintoki, Rudeus Greyrat, fabulous weirdo Yusuke in Persona and equally fabulous and weird Guhndam in Danganrompa. And also about a zillion other roles. This guy gets work! I mean he’s in 24 shows this year alone. But he only picks the best roles!

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4 thoughts

  1. It’s a reality show. The hell-bunnies on he red moon implant cameras into a vampire’s throat. (Loved the shot.)

    Yeah, this is officially a fun show.

    1. Hmmm… vampire reality show… Anything that can even remotely be compared to What We Do in the Shadows is a win

  2. The view from inside the mouth is an interesting and intriguing choice…. as if the mouth is it’s own entity.
    I like the concept!

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