Guys, we need to talk. I know I joke around a lot about anime trying to brainwash me into being attracted to mullet. And Visual Prison is certainly guilty of that as well. 50% of the main band have mullets. But seriously, please stop getting Mullets. On and wolf cuts, are just mullets. They’re the same thing!

The fact is, very few people can actually pull off that cut. Anime is lying to us all. The characters we see on there spend hours styling their hair before each scene! I’m saying this for your own good!

I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t spend more time with the guys choosing their stage outfits. I feel like there should have been a makeover montage there. At least 5 minutes worth! Not only is it just a fun idea to watch these vampire rockers fret over fabric and silhouettes, but the entire scene was magical. And by that, I mean that choosing costumes was a lot like choosing a wand in Harry Potter! There was multicolour flying and dancing fabric that responded to their hearts or something. Look the details are fuzzy but it was glorious.

Another disappointment was the fact that they gave a reasonable explanation for why that one guy from Eclipse was dressed as a samurai. He was the naked guy last week. I think it would have been better if no one mentioned it at all. Like maybe they all knew he had a period drama. And every week we just see the Eclipse guys for a minute or two and he’s always preposterously dressed but we never know why. That would be a solid running gag!

I’m not sure if it’s on purpose but OZ clashed with Eclipse this week and the outcome made it sound like our heroes are really against the idea of protecting humans. Like all we know is that Eclipse put these rules in place, like don’t feed on humans. And they themselves say that the purpose is to protect them. So why are our boys just blindly set on defeating Eclipse exactly? Man, I hope they play it straight and if OZ wins they just unleash carnage! It’s unlikely but it would be amazing.

So last week we got Eve’s story and this week it’s Guil’s. It’s a very sad story. He was in the original Eclipse along with Saga, Hyde and master of disguise Dimitri but something was missing. Guil longed to find his true sound and eventually did when he met a young human. He even left Eclipse because of it and created a deep right with Saga. Tragically, the good days were all too short. Soon, Guil decided to cut his beautiful long hair into mullet. Admittedly he does pull it off but still. Oh and the other guy died and from what I can tell Guil stole his house.

Recounting this heartbreaking tale, Guil warns Ange not to become like him which I think meant not to get too sad if his friends die in a car accident… Vampires are kind of brutal. And then Guil joins OZ which we all knew would happen. But Ange makes it real clear that he had the most fun with Guil Like way too clear. If I was Robin I would be insulted!

I’m watching a lot of shows that are pretty funny in cheesy camp ways this season but Visual Prison is the only one that means it and the only one that has the guts to lean into its ridiculousness. Hats off to that!

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  1. I don’t know, from glossy long locks to a mullet? I’m not so sure that was the right move. I mean, I understand that he was really depressed, but I think getting a mullet is a bit of an extreme.

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