Don’t blame me for that title, they used it in the episode! You can’t expect me not t jump on that. I don’t really remember 3 Men and a Baby but I think I liked it when I watched it. I was just a little kid mind you so I’m not going to stand by that. Still, the title makes me oddly happy every time I hear it.

Ok, so if you remember I wasn’t blown away by the first episode of this new season of The Devil is a Part-Tier. It should be noted that I had pretty high expectations so that certainly played a part n my initial reaction. But I have to say, my experience hasn’t changed much in episode 2. In fact, it’s stayed exactly the same, no worse and no better.

I’ve grown to enjoy little kid characters way more than I used to. For instance, I fell in love with Anya last season just like everyone else. And I already loved her a lot! I’m not sure how old Alas is meant to be, I’m not good at telling ages. She’s still in diapers and she can talk but her vocabulary is very limited. On the other hand, she understands complex questions such as “Would you mind if I didn’t tag along” and she seems kind of big. As in physically way bigger than a newborn. But maybe she’s a few years younger than Anya and it’s not fair comparing them. Or maybe she’s just a much more realistic child… In any case, I’m just not feeling the character so far.

Actually, I remember really liking the little kids in School Babysitters and they should be the same age. So I’m going to go with Alas is too realistic. Crying all the time then ruining people’s clothes. It didn’t speak to me and it was most of the episode.

Another big part of the episode was Chiho and Maou’s awkward relationship. And I’m going to be blunt with you guys, I just don’t care about this aspect of the series at all. I didn’t care about it in season 1 and I don’t care about it now. But it seems like it’s much more important this time. They are even sowing the seeds for some potential pseudo love triangle with Emi and on paper, that sounds awful to me.

On the other hand, I found the lady that could make a moon appear on Alas very intriguing. And the moment reminded me of Sailor Moon so I’m all for it. Also, that big portal that opened just at the end seems like a promise of more action and lore to come. That’s something I can get behind.

Admittedly, people who like realistic little kids or love romance tropes may be having a blast with this season so far. For my part, I’ll just stay cautiously optimistic.

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  1. I have… nothing to say. This season fun, but nothing special. Could be worse, could be better. That’s it.

  2. I’m definitely not a fan of the love triangle either. I don’t mind Chiho’s crush on Maou, but I don’t like the possibility that Maou might actually reciprocate those feelings. I especially don’t like what I’ve heard about how the light novel resolves this plot line.

  3. Hmm, on one hand I do like little kid characters (when they’re cute) on the other hand I’m not a big fan of the crying baby trope. So I still think this new season can go either way. It has some good stuff (like it’s still pretty funny) and some meh stuff.

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