There’s a random naked guy in the opening tag of this week’s Visual Prison. He’s one of the Eclipse guys and there is no clue in the scene to explain why he’s naked. It’s quite surreal. No one mentions it or reacts to it at all. And after the opening credits, the show doesn’t even go back to those guys in any way. It’s almost like it didn’t happen at all. But it did. This show is weird in the best way.

Episode 4 of Visual Prison strat off innocently enough. Robin is coking in order to give himself a welcome party. Oh Robin! But he’s a disaster in the kitchen. Cue silly horn music. But that’s ok, ’cause Even and Panya are here to help! Also, Eve is the nicest person. It seems impossible to make them mad! Basically, this was a CBDCT episode, at least so far. And I wasn’t mad about it. Visual Prison is ridiculous in an unpretentious way. They would probably be able to pull off something very fun with a filler episode. I hope we get a beach one. I think a beach vampire episode is perfect for this show!

I’m still not completely sure why Gil is such a sourpuss but it doesn’t matter. He’s going to join anyways, we already know that. But first thing’s first. Robin joins OZ! And it’s a baity and silly as you would expect. Now OZ is a visual kei band that existed. I thought they disbanded but the OP of the show is performed by OZ and I’m not sure if it’s the same group. In any case, the original group was 5 people so the show is obviously not a direct comparison, but I’m wondering if the characters are supposed to be based on real performers.

In any case, the episode quickly gets back to the gothic camp nonsense I’m here for, and we get Eve’s background. I have to say, the design and entire visual presentation of the bad guy in this week’s episode were genuinely creepy. They did a surprisingly good job with that and I wasn’t expecting it out of a show that really doesn’t need this type of impact. It was a nice surprise. As such, O found the confrontation between Eve and nemesis fun to watch, just on a technical level. I also thought that Eve has a great voice. Best one in the show so far. with Panya of course.

After that, we were treated to Eve’s tragic past the contents of which don’t really matter. It’s the usual angst of discovering you were the monster all along thing. Road to hell is paved with good intentions, yada yada. The important part was that the images get all desaturated and littered with artificial film scratches and dust. And there’s this sorrowful violin lament for the score. It was a camp masterpiece. Almost a step too far but just right as it only lasted a few minutes. This sequence alone is among the best cheesy cinema I have seen ever. And I watch a lot of cheesy stuff. And the earnestness of the delivery just brought everything together. Chef’s kiss! Bravissimo!

For those invested in the story. I would like to be friends with you! Ange and Robin managed to convince Eve to let go of his past and he joins OZ as well! For all intents and purposes, this is the end of the episode. However, Visual Prison manages to squeeze in just a bit more horror in time for Halloween, by adding in an after-credit scene. This ED tag explores the terror of imposed lumber parties. My skin is still crawling!

And with this, I hope you all enjoy a spooky weekend. Maybe you can meet a nice sexy vampire!

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    1. He is constantly naked. It’s never commented on but it seems that if he doesn’t have to wear clothes, he doesn’t

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