The real title for this week’s episode of Visual Prison is Shangri-la of Cruelty. I don’t think I could ever top that. I think it’s also the title of the OP song. In any case, it’s the best most ridiculous title ever and we should take a moment to appreciate the emo word salad that it is.

If I get a dog or a cat, I will strongly consider naming them Shangri-la of Cruelty. Shangi for short… or Cru. Lala when they’re being cute. So many options!

Visual Prison is quickly becoming my favourite idol anime and I don’t say that lightly. I feel like I’m an authority on boy idol anime in the WordPress space. A title I have singularly bestowed upon myself and one that I take very VERY seriously! As such I have a responsibility, nay, a duty, to help you appreciate the true wonder that is the boy idol anime. It’s an acquired taste and peculiar dish, only really suited for the most discerning palate.

And Visual Prison takes all these refined elements and elevates them even further, if that’s possible, through the effervescent spice of pure nonsense. I feel like the creative team behind this show are all my soul mates.

I mean, did you see Saga’s everyday outfit. It’s in the gallery, second from the bottom right side. A white shirt with a random zipper for side ab exposure! That is almost as brilliant as the title f this episode!

This week was OZ’s debut. It was action-packed and I loved it but before we get to that, let me air one of the few complaints I have about this show. I feel like we’re missing out. Early on, the guys get their costumes for the first time, which is odd since they already put up posters wearing them… A true genius director doesn’t have time for continuity! Anyways, I would have liked to really see them choosing their costumes. The one scene we got last week was cut short and we didn’t get to see anything. I would also have liked to see the photoshoot for those posters. Basically, I’m already complaining that the season needed more episodes.

As for what we did see. There was a cute little solo number by Robin. I quite liked that song. They showed up specifically that it was a hit with the 6-year-old in the audience so no wonder it appealed to me. And we also saw them prepping right before the show, not practicing as a band mind you. I don’t think they’ve done that once. I have no clue where their song comes from. No, we saw them put on makeup. Guy actually had a comically serious speech about the importance of makeup in performance. And it was actually a pretty good bit of monologue. I even took my own title from it.

Then of to the performance. It’s the first time we see these boys in CG and it was appropriately terrifying. It’s a good thing I really like that OP song because we heard it a lot! It did give me a chance to really listen to it. I think Even has my favourite singing voice out of all of them. Ange is pretty decent too. Well, they’re all good but Guy has a slightly nasally sound that I personally liked less. The CG also gave me that chance to admire their outfits in more detail. Even as a two-finger glove. I don’t even know if you call it a glove or ring. Two of his fingers are covered by material and nothing else. It’s amazing!

We also found out that the sword microphones have a utility. The battle of the bands is literal. (short interjection, OZ have a band? Who were the guys playing instruments, we’ve never seen them before!) So apparently, the Vampire rock bands can take over each other’s concerts and then fight with their swordiphones in an alternate dimension or something. There’s a reason I love this show. There are tons of reasons! The creepy CG stage show was interrupted by a dynamic fight sequence with swords. I don,t really think I need to say any more.

I’m going to keep watching this. I hope Visual Prison gets six seasons and a movie!

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  1. This is definitely the most fun show you’re covering this season. Panya in a box. Sowrd-mics. And I actually like the cheesy music, too. (I don’t like the CGI performances, but, well, at this point I’m used to them, and I’ve seen worse in anime.)

    I’m not sure I’d last six seasons, though. I barely do with anything.

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