I understand that I’m probably never going to convince most of you to watch Visual Prison. I know how to pick my battles. But you should at the very least watch this episode. Because it’s something that you need to experience at least once in a lifetime. And I’m not talented enough to properly capture the magic that was this episode of Visual Prison.

It’s a fool who can’t accept their limits… So in the more boring part of the episode, the opening, the OZ boys are recording their first single and decide to go reax a bit after all that hard work by spending some time at a hotel for vampires. Once there they are surprised to meet up with all the other vampire boys…at the hotel…exclusively for vampires…

Yeah, the dull part was a super fun setup that included all the cast coming together in a vacation setting and of course, nudity! It got a little silly after that part. I was originally going to call my post What is this, a hotel for vamps? as a Zoolander reference but the episode exceeded all my expectations and the title just wrote itself.

The idea of a vampire hotel is pretty amusing in and of itself. But it got me thinking that the vampires of Visual Prison have it way easier than most vampires. As far as I know, they don’t age and become more or less immune from illness however they don’t seem to have any particular issues with sunlight. Sure, the action mostly takes place at night but issues with sunlight have never even been mentioned. And although they can drink blood, they don’t seem to need to drink blood. They don’t need to attack people. They can also eat and drink plenty of other things and seem to enjoy them. As far as I can tell, they only really get the good parts of the vampire deal. Why would anyone consider it a curse?

What they do have though, is a princess. And Camilla is the most fabulous character we’ve had in this show.

I was thinking I shouldn’t spoil it but you can tell by the pictures. She turns everyone into animal boys for funsies! I’d like to think that if I ever became a fabulous vampire princess myself, which I firmly believe I will if I work hard enough, I would also turn pretty boys into pretty animal boys for my entertainment.

My favourite was fawn Guil. He sort of gave me reindeer vibes right in time for Christmas. I was also amused by the idea of gentle Emily being turned into an adorable raging bull!

Most of the episode was just pure goofy fun. They did slip in a very short emotional scene that worked unexpectedly well within the context of the episode. For the most part, though, it was exactly what a filler episode should be. It was entertaining and funny, it didn’t mess with the established lore and the characters were consistent. Saga uncontrollably adding meows to his sentences to the point that he became scared of taking was a particularly nice touch.

This episode was just everything I wanted. And I like to think that although they wouldn’t admit it, it’s everything a few other people want as well!

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This episode also had a specific ED just to remind us that Visual Prison knows exactly what type of show it is. And I had to share it with you guys!

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