It’s the little things I really appreciate about Visual Prison. The small touches and jokes that are thrown in for no real reason and remind you that this entire show is just one big of. For instance, there is a scene in this episode where the boys are super happy that their new single hit number one on some chart. It flashes by pretty quick and no one mentions it at all, so if you’re not paying attention, you may not have noticed what the number 2 song is on that same chart.

The number 2 song was “Vampiric Beary Bear Workout” by Kevin Ushio. Tell me you don’t desperately want to rock out to Vampiric Beary bear Workout. ‘Cmon…

Let’s be honest, the entire first act, seeing a quick rundown of Saga’s history with Eclipse and Guil in particular was darn adorable. Saga was such a cute goofball. But am I the only one who thinks that maybe his barber has a grudge against him? I mean Saga looked great with just about any other haircut than the one he has now. And the current undercut looks super complicated to upkeep. I bet his hairdresser is just giving him the most expensive cut he can think of. It’s not even a bullet, what sort of amateur hour is this.

We saw the return of Camilla this episode and once again it was a great scene. guess she just makes everything she touches more fun. I have to say though, it looked like Eve guzzled down an entire bottle of Kewpie mayo there. Now I like my Kewpie as much as the next guy. It’s pretty much the only mayo I actually do like. But I was getting a stomach ache just watching him. That’s not going to be pretty tomorrow. Heck, I’m not even sure how vampires digest these things.

Visual Prison, look what you’ve done to me I’m pondering vampiric digestive tracts instead of trying to make cheap jokes about the colourful ribbon bondage scene that started the entire sequence. I mean, the image in itself was already such a perfect joke, I’m not sure how I can improve on it.

After many emotions and pretty boys being ever so good and touchy-feely friends, we learn that the real magic was in their hearts all along and their music could make miracles. That’s pretty much what I had predicted, right? I’m a little iffy how we went from full-on depressed Ange to happy zombie Guil that lives through the power of dance but I’ll take it. It was what I wanted.

In fact, I’m really happy with this episode. For a second there, they even teased us with the idea of Pannya becoming the fourth member of OZ. Naturally, they didn’t have the sheer golden balls to go through with that, few anime would have, but the fact that they even threw the idea out there was already pretty awesome.

My only complaint is that we didn’t get enough of the current Eclipse and more specifically Dimitri. At some point, he just became my favourite character because he’s a huge and amazing dork. I wish they had thrown in a shot of him streaking through a mall or something.

There’s only one episode left to go in this ridiculous musical ride of a show. I have high hopes although, to be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m hoping for. A mega happy ending maybe. All the vampires getting together for a quick Christmas celebration after the concert? The announcement of a Camilla x Eclipse spinoff? All good answers! In any case, I hope to see you all next week for the certainly emotional conclusion of Visual Prison!

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  1. How could I miss Vampiric Beary Bear Workout?!

    (Also, I dislike Mayo, so seeing them eat it without anything was bad enough, but the entire bottle? I shudder.)

  2. This show has turned out so far to be a wild ride! I usually don’t go for musical anime. White album 2 and Nana were about the extent of it. But this has turned out to be just fun. And a group I could feel sartorially right at home with.

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