Cards on the table, this was probably my least favourite episode of Visual Prison and unsurprisingly, it was also the most dramatic one. This said, I both understand and appreciate what the show is doing here and I bet next week or by the finale, I will be very happy that this episode happened. It’s just that right now, it’s a bit of a bummer.

The thing is, aside from being a bit of a bummer episode, it was also a little confusing. Not entirely but it just feels like some information is missing and I don,t usually get that feeling from Visual Prison. Not because it’s explained beautifully but because it’s presented in such a way that the details can be glossed over. But not this week.

I’m assuming that the reason Guil was cursed by the blood moon was because he fed on a human, specifically Ange’s mother. But we also know that a single transgression like that shouldn’t be enough to get you in deep trouble. So what else did Guil do? Are they going to tell us? It seems like it’s an important part of his character development.

Also, we just learned that apparently women can’t be vampires. Which is probably going to be a bit of a surprise to the vampire queen. Admittedly, Camilla doesn’t have a body of her own so maybe there’s a loophole in there somewhere but it still seemed like a weird bit of information to throw out there at this point in the series.

Ultimately, I don’t think it really matters. I figure, and I’m holding onto this hope, that this episode is here so we, humble audience members, can be extra super elated when Guil comes back after Oz has won Visual Prison or something like that.

I’ve actually been carefully avoiding spoilers so I don’t know any of this. But that’s my headcanon. After an entire season of goofy musical vampire shenanigans, it would just be a complete tonal clash to have it end on a downer. At the very least, he’ll come back long enough to assure us that he’s happy in the afterlife with his dear friends or something!

I will admit though, I found Ange’s vigil by Guil’s side to actually be rather touching. The thought of him singing Guil’s old hit over and over, night after night is really sad in an unironic way. And I am impressed the show managed to pull off that type of moment.

Still, I hope we get back to sillier times next week!

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