Spoiler warning! For this post not for the episode. Actually for the episode as well probably. I really really liked this week’s episode of The Case Study of Vanitas. What else is new, right! This show just keeps getting better for me. But you know, as much as I loved the Beast arc, I was so thrilled to catch up with everyone again. This is my way of saying I went ape of the screencaps again. Sorry guys, this post is going to take 20 minutes to load…

I’m dividing my images into many smaller blocks to make it a bit more palatable. I hope it works… Also before we start, can someone tell me what that pink thing Noé is holding in the OP is? Second row left side. It looks very suspicious for some reason…

To put it plainly, this week’s episode of The Case Study of Vanitas was essentially filler. The Beast arc was both very emotional and action-packed so it makes sense that they would put in a buffer episode that isn’t directly related to the central plot. It mostly developed Vanitas’ romantic subplot with Jeanne by celebrating what a glorious bunch of dorks everyone in this show is. And as we all know, I absolutely adores me a dork! There were glimpses of what’s to come in both the opening and ending tag though but we’ll get to that later.

I was rather pleasantly surprised to see Roland and Olivier just hanging out. It’s nice to get a glimpse at their notmal lives and it was fun to see them both in street clothes. Of course, despite having been mostly shown as a serious counterpart to Roland, Olivier also turns out to be a complete goof. And their relationship is a lot more relaxed and friendly than I would have thought.

I would have been happy to just watch thee two chat about their day for a bit. That would have been a perfectly acceptable and fun scene for me. But I’m so glad Vanitas had to come in and completely steal the show. Some might argue that he was hamming it up a bit too much but you know what, by now we’ve all had a chance to get to know the character enough that a bit of cartoonish behaviour isn’t going to throw us off. And seeing him so beside himself and out of his depth was just delightful. I quickly found myself grinning from ear to ear.

And the fun didn’t stop when we got to catch up with Jeanne’s side of the story. You know, these two really are perfect for each other! Jeanne handles the whole situation very differently, and a lot better than Vanitas but who’s surprised by that. However, she’s still quite the little troublemaker in her own right.

At this point in the episode, I hurriedly scribbled the note “Luca”. I really like little Luca. I think his hair should be a bit more auburn but otherwise, I find that he brings this nice contrast to the cast. I was already pretty thrilled to see Orlock again. And how he immediately got Murr on his desk and fed him. Great character continuity! And I thought to myself, I just wish Dominique was here. That would make it perfect. If some of you read my posts for the first cour, I love Dominique. She was one of my favourite characters in a cast I already really like.

And right on queue, we get Dominique! I told you this was an awesome episode! How can you not take enough screencaps to essentially make a flipbook! Jeanne is quite assertive by the way. That was also a pleasant surprise. I love how they balance boldness and vulnerability in her. It really makes the character stand out.

So all in all, the episode was essentially three funny arcs about Vanitas and Jeanne independently realizing their feelings for each other. And for an anime that isn’t supposed to be a romance, it was rather sweet. And quite funny. I started watching it a little tired from a long week but generally happy and now I’m actually pumped. I’m excited and a little giddy just because I had so much fun for the past half hour! I sure hope you get something similar from anime.

But we can’t go without acknowledging the last scene. As soon as the little kid showed up in the first scene, I got chills. Creepy little kids are a good way to freak me out. But then the episode was so joyful that I kind of forgot all about it. Until they brought it back. He called someone offscreen mademoiselle and I was immediately tense for the poor lady and then we found out who it was. I actually let my mouth fall open and put my hand in front of it. Like a victorian lady or a cartoon character. I didn’t even realize I was doing it.

OK, all the spoilers, go watch the episode if you haven’t, you won’t regret it. Ok, just us now, it was Domi and she did not look good. I have pretty high hopes that she will be ok. Vanitas has been a fairly bloodless show so far (ironic for a vampire story) and none of the main characters have been lost. Also seeing that she’s a vampire I’m assuming she’s more resilient to stabbing than most folks. But the scene was still a shock to watch. In just a few seconds there were so many wonderful questions. That kid obviously knew Dominique, well enough to call her Domi even. How? And why does he want Noé specifically? Not Vanitas? Not Ruthven?

Once again I find myself asking a question I have been repeating a lot throughout my watching of The Case Study of Vanitas: How am I supposed to wait a whole week?

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    1. I’m so glad t hear that. Vanitas is one f the funnest shows o come around in a while and I’m really happy bones decided to put so much care in adapting it

  1. I have to appreciate that Murr got a present wrapped up in themed bag, tied up with a ribbon the same colour Murr wears. Someone really appreciates Murr.

    I’ve also wondered what that strange pink object is that Noe is holding in the OP. It sort of looks like an extremely unsave bobsled toy for children crossed with some weird cultic mask and fed into a 3D-Printer with a degree of randomisation?

    And, yeah, I really loved this episode, too. It’s a nice wrap-up and status-quo update; reminds us of all the relationships, and is actually hilarious. I loved that scene where Vanitas was talking to Roland, and then Vanitas made that noise which startles the café guest who only then notices Noe squatting right beside him. That’s how you use a public setting.

    1. I’m pretty sure that someone is Orlock. He is a Murr stan… like all of us!
      I’m not sure if I have to give credit to bones or just someone in particular in the production but clearly someone who is putting the anime together really enjoys the project and is putting a lot of care into details which makes the show. It could easily have been dull or overbearing.

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