Obviously, Visual Prison is not a show that will appeal to the masses. It’s a rather self-indulgent parody that’s a bit too soft to really be bitting. You know.., ’cause vampires…

Unsurprisingly though, I like it. I haven’t been having much luck with my seasonal picks and this one is exactly what I was hoping for from the series. At least so far!

First and most important, the second episode of Visual Prison marked the return of panda-cat Panya and it seems as though he will be a main cast character. Panya is already amazing and reason enough to watch an episode or two. He isn’t quite Murr status yet but he has potential!

This episode was also our first look at the OP and boy was I happy. This is what the OP needed to be. I do like the song a lot so it helps. But the music video visuals complete with extremely cheesy playacting are just perfect. You couldn’t ask for anything more and it does bring a lot of the visual kei aesthetic to the series.

This episode was also more traditional in structure. There was one short musical number which I enjoyed all the more as it was a little flight of fancy that was integrated into the narrative and served as a character introduction, rather than a stage concert. I just find these types of numbers more entertaining to watch.

The rest of the episode though was just straightforward narration. And ridiculous. Visual Prison is very reminiscent of what I thought the best of Nobless was. It’s self-aware enough to not take itself seriously and lean into the cheesiness of it all. But earnest enough to not just make fun of the genre it’s emulating or the fans thereof. So although it may not quite have the wit or the sharpness of something like PBDC, it has a certain innocent sense of fun that I’m digging.

Once again, I had fun with the episode. I can’t say that you absolutely need to watch this show. It’s nonsensical fluff but I will say it’s the most fun I am personally having with this season. And that’s worth something.

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  1. I thought of Noblesse, too. For me, it doesn’t quite measure up, but it does play in the same ballpark, and it’s quite fun to watch.

    This isn’t the first “Panya” I have seen (that would be in Mashiroiro Symphony), but it’s the best Panya I’ve seen. Love him.

    1. It’s a silly show which is a nice way to say stupid but fun stupid. And I have hope that it will lean into that fun. Granted Panya is a huge draw!

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