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Anime Podcast of Some Awesome Sort!

David Majors is a Twitter buddy. Am I bragging? You bet I am. I’m not sure how we found each other exactly but we’ve been politely exchanging tweets for a while now. I’ve always found him to be that difficult to come by mix of authority and respect when it comes to anime topics. I...


The Fantastic Freedom of the Aimless Blog

We’ve gone through some stuff together haven’t we… You and I. I have been hitting a few of those random milestones lately. With the anniversary of this blog and nice round numbers of followers and so forth, I’ve been writing a lot of those blog introspection posts. I know what I’m supposed to do. I’m suppose...


Good Reviewers v/s Good Writers

This may be difficult to believe given the contents of my blog, but I actually prefer writing reviews. I love reading essays, news articles and think pieces of all types but as far as creating goes, I tend to like my reviews more. To each his own of course, I know a lot of bloggers...


Questionable Priorities

In a perfect world, anime would be all things. It would be beautiful to look at and mesmerizing to listen to. It would be deep, meaningful and incisive while relaxing and escapist and of course always interesting. It would be attractive but not creepy and just the right type of funny. In a perfect world...


In Defense of Elitist Jerks

So far, I’ve been sticking to defending things that absolutely no one is attacking, making for a fairly successful and easy run. The importance of choosing your battles! But this time, I may have bitten off more than I can chew.


A Little Sunshine (award) On A Cloudy Day!

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to forget hat sunshine looks like. We went from short days and snowfall straight to grey days and endless rain. Buddy keeps waiting for me to open a door into summer and my unwillingness to comply is not at all amusing to him. So as a...


OWLS Bog Tour – Small Steps in Sket Dance

I didn’t manage to take part in last month’s OWLS tour as I’ve always struggled discussing music and I’m sort of glad I sat out. My OWLS companions’ posts would have put me to shame… Mind you, the fact that I’m surrounded by intimidatingly talented boggers has never really bothered me before. Which is why...


5 Things I Learned About Myself Through Dating Sims

I don’t know what it is, but I just can’t resist a dating sim. I wish I could say I can’t resist a good dating sim, but the fact is, I’ve played some pretty bad ones to completion and I will do so again in the future. There’s just something about those shallow, ridiculous occasionally brain numbingly...