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Episode 6 Collaboration Review with Irina (in bold).

We are fast approaching the halfway mark, this season is just racing along! Ha! I see you’re the one asking the questions again? Well that at least makes my job easier!

So Matt, they decided to combine all the classic filler EPs into one. (Beach + School Festival + Fireworks) Do you feel cheated that all we got are a few measly beach flashback scenes? I feel cheated that they weren’t wearing bikini’s… oh did I say that out loud? Sorry. Um, I guess they wanted to get all the classic anime tropes out in one fell swoop, good for them I suppose? I like those filler episodes usually so it’s a little bit of a loss that they condensed them all into half an episode but if that means there’s more racing and sports plot in future episodes then I guess…

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2 thoughts

  1. Whoever thought that the prize for winning a donut eating contest should be giant plush donut is a genius. (My favourite scene this ep.)

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