About two months ago, a group of talented bloggers and all around great people gave me the chance to try something I had never done before.

As a short reminder, my truly lovely Inomminate castmates are Shoujo, Leth, Scott, Hazelyn  & Remy, who I will never be able to really describe in how great they are but let me try yet again (a rather reuse my last descriptors):

Shoujo is and remains in all things adorable including in voice and presence. A fan of, you’re never going to guess this… shoujo, she will delight you with her effervescent charm. Scott is an analytical force to be reckoned with, a fan of sci-fi and thought-provoking anime classic and modern, he’ll give you something to wrap your mind around. Leth is just so $?%”@ beautiful, his beauty will actually seep out of your speakers (partly in the form of a really hot accent). You should probably sit down before you listen to him. Hazelyn is just lovely. The most graceful type of lovely. I’m pretty openly jealous. Who else could make constant fangirling sound so classy. Very sadly for us Hazelyn wasn’t available this time but she will beback next time so look forward to it! Finally we have Remy who is actually making his inogural podcast appearance and making us all sound bad by how perfectly he nails it, right off the bat!

Image result for sakamoto
generally how I picture him

At the end of last year, the fine folks and I got together and spent some time just talking about anime we’d seen in 2017 and by some dark magic that became a podcast.

That was a first for a lot of us and, boy were we nervous. I know it sounds a little silly to get worked up over something like that and it is a little silly, but when you’re in the moment that stage fright hits you head on. My fantastic cohosts swear they were equally out of sorts although they could really have fooled me…

In any case we learned a few things from that first attempt. A huge thank you to everyone that reached out with advice and constructive criticism. Although we weren’t able to apply it all this time, we are working towards implementing everything we can and the suggestions we tried out so far were all a huge help.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have quite a ways to go but I think I made some progress. I think most of the others were already great but we are meshing better as a group and I believe, a little more relaxed.

Do you also remember a few weeks ago when I wrote a post entitled First World Problems – Anime Depressions and Podcasts! That wasn’t just my usual lack of naming skills on display, the theme of our second episode is anime depression and how to get through it. Listen to us share our personal experiences and tricks. Find out what works for them. Sympathize with us over our shared non problems.

I will personally be taking a little break after this but look forward to some really enjoyable episodes on the current anime season as well as some interesting parsing of the concept of deconstruction in anime.

We will continue to get better, and I hope you will continue to help us with that. In the meantime, from all of us at the Inomminate Podcast, I hope you enjoy.

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  2. my best friend is an otaku too,and she’s going to love your blog.i love how you write so informally!mind checking out my blog too?you won’t regret it,promise!<3

  3. What a lovely post you wrote for this 😊 You don’t have to be quiet after this at all. You should all be very proud of this, and yes I know what you are you going to say: this was not professional….stuff like that: but you still did this. And it’s awesome. I have bookmarked it and am sorry to say I still haven’t gotten around to it. But I promise I will. Hopefully this week will be a little less hectic so I will have some more free time. In the meantime as I said: be proud, I sure am for all of you guys 😊😊

    1. Thanks Raist. The guys have the upcoming podcasts all scheduled and Im not on the roster but Ill come back to it soon enough. I must admit it’s also a bit time consuming and I have a few things I would like to get done…

      1. Time is a big factor in a lot of things at the moment. Every week lately turns out differently. But I do think it’s very awesome what you guys are doing! And of course you will come back to it.
        But looking forward to whatever else you have planned.
        Ps…are you still up for that colab thing for my theme month in March? If you are currently too busy..that is really no problem whatsoever. No need to feel any pressure at all 😊😊
        Got another two collabs heading my way soon too, for some things I think you will really like 😊
        But anyways…like I said no pressure. There are still plenty more months in the year 😀

        1. I most definitely am and looking forward to it big time! Le me know if ever you need to delay it though – it’s no problem at all

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