I don’t know about you guys, but I’m starting to forget hat sunshine looks like. We went from short days and snowfall straight to grey days and endless rain. Buddy keeps waiting for me to open a door into summer and my unwillingness to comply is not at all amusing to him.

So as a little picker upper, I figured I would take a stab at this tag. I haven’t done an award post in quite a while and I felt like getting one done. So, when I saw that two of my very favorite people, namely Raistlin and Mel had not only both nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award but also given me the same (very cool) question I figured I just had to.  

I mean this is honestly just a super fun question (they both answered it by the way so please make sure to go read their posts) and deceptively simple:

We all dream of what we want to do. What we want to be. There are some crazy dreams (like meeting up with aliens or saving the world like Superman) which we know will never happen but still dream about a lot. Then there are those realistic dreams, like being a writer or a doctor or anything which is “sensible”. I want to know what your “crazy” dream and your “sensible ” dreams are.

Doesn’t that sound like so much fun?

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But what good is fun without some ground rules

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated me for this.

Thank you Raistlin – Thank you Mel. You are both the best somehow.

  • Answer the questions that has been mentioned in the post

I will

  • Post my set of questions for my nominees to answer

Be set you mean 1 right? Like maybe one with multiple parts?

  • Nominate users for ‘The Sunshine Blogger Award

Ok so maybe define *users*(?)  I’m going to assume you mean users of wordpress…

Here we go: What is your crazy dream, and what is your sensible dream?

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I couldn’t find the artist again which is phooey

Crazy Dream:

I both have way too many and none. You see I really enjoy my life a lot and although it would be fun to be in my favorite world or meet my favorite character, I wouldn’t want to trade my current happiness for it…

Ok I have too – A good one and a boring practical one

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I would fill my phone with selfies

Good crazy dream: I would like to be able to VISIT fictional worlds. You know, like stroll into my TV, have a cup of tea with a ridiculously good-looking character, maybe play a quick game, have a debate, then stroll right back out.

No need to get wrapped up in some great war or stuck doing grueling training. Just find a nice fun or quiet moment I can jump into. Have a few laughs and call it a memory.

Or tell little Natsume that things will get better…

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no one would be able to tell

Boring crazy dream: Never sleep again. I quite like sleeping and I love dreaming. I have awesome dreams. But I love being awake too and I have sooo much to do.

I would love to have those extra play, watch, even work hours in a day. Are you kidding me. I might actually make a dent in my anime queue! Like I would still like to be able to sleep if I wanted to – just not HAVE to. A la Kado I guess. I was with the Alien in that show…

Sensible Dream:

seeing eye dog by kissai
by kissai


I will 100% do this. I’ve looked into it. Gotten some of the certifications I need. As soon as money (and ambition) are no longer an issue – I’m doing this.

I want to train seeing eye dogs.

The very notion that that type of bond can be created between to members of different species is amazing to me. And for once, we humans aren’t complete jerks in the equation. Seeing eye dogs are usually very well treated and even the ones that can’t complete their training are found good homes as they remain very agreeable and highly trained dogs.

It’s a noble goal that one does for the love of it because it doesn’t pay. But it’s my dream.

So there you go. I guess these are a little plain all things considered. I should have gone for all my faucets only spouting wine or something. It would sting my eyes hen I wash my face but not guts no glory – am I right??

Ok guys you show me how its done instead! I’m nominating:



 Now you can answer the dream one if you like but I figured I would actually make an effort to come up with a question as well. I’m not good at these so I will completely understand if you chose to answer the dream (and I kind of want to know anyways…)

If you could say anything to one person and be guaranteed they wouldn’t remember it the next day, what would it be? (Extra points if you say to whom…)

***Shoka is just going to post “stop tagging me”…

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24 thoughts

  1. Who knows? Maybe what’s called “crazy” now may be realistic in the future 😉
    That’s a wonderful and benevolent goal Irina! Why aren’t you in Times Top 100 lists already? (… Or actually you are? o.o)

  2. Training seeing-eye dogs? That’s not something I could have expected, but it’s an awesome fit. I’m rooting for you and for every dog who’d get trained by you.

  3. Yay!! I love getting nominated for stuff!!! SERIOUSLY! And, one day I’ll get around to actually ANSWERING all of these!! (P.S. I love sleep too… but, all of those extra hours would be REALLY NICE!! I might actually be able to WATCH some of the anime on my HUGE list while getting all of my reading done! *sigh* in a perfect world….. )

  4. I admire people so much for training seeing eye dogs. I don’t know if I would be able to let the dog go, but I bet it would be amazing to know how the dog will give the person a new found sense of freedom.

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