David Majors is a Twitter buddy. Am I bragging? You bet I am. I’m not sure how we found each other exactly but we’ve been politely exchanging tweets for a while now. I’ve always found him to be that difficult to come by mix of authority and respect when it comes to anime topics. I was, I’ll admit, a little intimidated. No shame in that. The man sounded like an anime professor. Well not sounded but tweeted. You should follow him.

As such when David asked if I wanted to be a guest on his podcast I was both flattered and baffled. For a second I thought he may be thinking about another Irina. That has happened before. No I’m not still super bitter about it….

This is when I decided to do my homework and bindge through Anime Podcast of Some Sort. On the one hand this was a brilliant idea as it allowed me to discover a fantastic podcast that is going to keep me giggling and entertained for a good long while. On the other, David and Jack are such professionals with impeccable chemistry (one of the great strenghts of the show) that my nervous anticipation turned into crippling stage fright.

How can you intrude on such a well geared machine? For the record what David actually sounds like is pure smooth butter. I have no idea what that sentence means but it’s still the only way I can describe it. While Jack is the kind of guy you instantly want to be friends with. I now know what a great attitude sounds like.

I am not someone who lacks for confidence but social situations are not my forte. Stumbling onto a show with such consummate professional was bound to make me look pretty bad in comparison. I should know better than to listen to myself by now!

It seems that part of the consummate professional deal is to make your guest feel super welcomed and manipulate the conversation to have them sound smart and like they have something to say. I can confirm that during that hour I learned two things for sure. Jack and David are much more talented podcasters than I will ever be and Podcasting is really fun I should do it more!

We had a great time and I hope that means everyone listening will have a great time too! You can let me know Cough cough!!! Love the title, guys!


Here is the starfox webseries Jack made sound so amazing

Rugby anime!

Follow David on Twitter @CallMeDjm

Follow Jack on Twitter @JackDTylerD

And because I have to be me, here’s a slightly expanded version of the APOSS drinking game.

Do let me know how drunk you can get. Cough listen to the podcast cough. Kids swap for juice!

  • Every time Jack apologizes – take a sip
  • Every time David mentions Netflix – take a sip
  • Every time I have no clue what’s going on – take a sip
  • Every time anyone says dub or sub – take a sip
  • Every time you find David’s voice soothing – listen
  • Every time Jack bursts into infectious laughter – giggle
  • Every ime David and Jack reminisce about the past – be impressed I could spell taht and take a sip
  • Every time I accidentally talk over someone (no really it was accidental) – roll your eyes and take a sip
  • When you hear closing credits – listen to another one!
fairytail drunk
glad you liked it!

18 thoughts

  1. Gave this a listen while doing some Hat in Time side quests, would recommend. It seems like you all had a fun conversation and made some good points on some interesting topics. Thanks for the good listening material.

  2. “Adorable Girls doing mobile Game Stuff?”

    Now I want that to be a real genre!

    Once I find the right forms, I’m going to nominate you for understatement of the year for your statement about the model for Sonic: “Not completely bowled over?”

    I also thought you had some good insights about the impact of re-designing the character. I have to wonder, though, if this is all part of the plan? Put out a terrible Sonic model, provoke outage, generate goodwill by re-implementing a good model, and profit?


    Good call suggesting Bioshock get turned into a movie. I’ve love to see that! I would have suggested STALKER.

    I sounded like you had a good time. Are you thinking about getting into pod-casting yourself?

    1. Well David and Jack made it super easy for me. They did all the work. No way I could have done that by myself

    2. Could the studio really be trying to pull a New Coke here? That’s the only legitimate reason I’ve heard so far for why they though that Sonic model was acceptable to put out to the public.

      1. “That’s the only legitimate reason I’ve heard so far for why they though that Sonic model was acceptable to put out to the public.”

        I’m not sure anyone could think that model would be acceptable — that’s why I have my conspiracy theory! With apologies to anyone who likes it, by the way.

    1. I worked in some Natsume… I need to convince Karandi to just do a Natsume marathon cast. No one wil listen to it but we’ll be happy!

  3. Nice job! Always up for some interesting podcasts for journeys to/from work and night-time listening, and I’ve seen this one mentioned around the place a bit recently. Will give it a listen!

  4. Don’t let the modesty fool you, folks.

    Irina was a terrific guest and more than adept at sitting and conversing about anime in audio form. An absolute joy to have as a guest on APOSS in every sense.

    But if you’re here, you already know that. 😉 Thank you, Irina!

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