We’ve gone through some stuff together haven’t we… You and I. I have been hitting a few of those random milestones lately. With the anniversary of this blog and nice round numbers of followers and so forth, I’ve been writing a lot of those blog introspection posts.

I know what I’m supposed to do. I’m suppose to humble brag a bit about numbers that mean absolutely nothing to anyone but me. Use the space to shout out those bloggers that have helped me along the way and maybe mention some up and coming ones, so I can prove later that I knew the before! I suspect I may be the only one that gets any amusement out of discussing the search terms that lead to my blog. But guys, I enjoy it enough for all of us!

and then one was :letmedothis – all one word!

I know I should also set some goals for this place. They teach you this as soon as you can grasp the concept. If you want to achieve anything in life, you have to set clear and attainable goals. A checklist. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t pick a direction. An order loving bore such as me is intimately familiar with the process of figuring out a desired result and establishing a painstakingly precise procedure to get to it.

And yet, in all those posts about my own blog, the sections dedicated to future projects are vague at best. The site itself is probably best define as a spontaneous assortment of randomness. I mean, just look at what you’re reading right now…

It would be a lie to say I didn’t have a clear objective in mind hen I started this blog. I did. Several in fact:

  •          I wanted a virtual spot to write every day (check)
  •          I wanted to write about anime specifically (um…)
  •          I wanted to collect fun anime gifs (check)

That’s it. That was and is the grand master plan. I occasionally wander away from that second point but for the most part, I think I did ok at achieving what I set out to do.

I deserve a break – I’ve earned it

At this point, surely some of you are wondering to yourselves, what’s the point? (and not only of this particular post…) Why go through this trouble – and those of you who have your own blogs know that it can get rather time-consuming – if I don’t want to get something out of it?

Now before we go too far, let me make clear that I get A LOT out of this blog. I’ve talked about it plenty of times. The tangible connections to the people in our community, the heightened appreciation for the media I love, the satisfaction of creating something… Any one of these things make it more than worth the trouble. But these intangibles were an unexpected bonus.

At the start, I really didn’t think about any of that. I was happy clacking away on my keyboard talking about animes. Or about the weird little things I noticed in them. And making drinking games. I really like my drinking games you guys. No one should ever under any circumstance actually play any of them…

I should have told you earlier…

Speaking of which – should we get together for a huge rabbit watch-along and try one of them out. Maybe with juice? Would anyone be up for that?

…you see what I did there? I do that all the time. Because I don’t in fact have a point to this blog or most posts, I can readily grab on to any random idea as it pops into my mind and try to develop it. Having no higher purposes or precise results to aim for, means I have the possibility to go wherever I want.

It means I can’t actually fail while calling whatever I want a win. I have so many wins you guys! It also means that I probably won’t ever do anything substantial with this blog but I’ll try out all sorts of little things, some of which will be lots of fun. I enjoy promoting other blogs and doing collabs but I don’t have to do those things. 

This happy-go-lucky attitude has really served me well so far. I have yet to consider this blog “work” or get “burned out”. I rarely feel “guilty” about not writing one day. I watch whatever anime I feel like, whenever I feel like it, because I’m not dedicated to a particular genre and I don’t have to post reviews if I don’t have anything to review…

I can always do this instead

On the other hand, we all crave a sense of achievement somewhere. I mean if there’s really no point at all to posting, then I might as well use that time to learn something new or watch even MORE anime. That probably wouldn’t be healthy…

This is where my aimless goals come in. These aren’t so much actual things to achieve, they are more random events around my blog that make me happy. The weird search terms are one. These are out of my control and I don’t ever feel bad for not having an interesting search that leads to my blog, but when I notice one, it always makes me happy.

Also, updating my index page (i.e. Reviews). Every time I add a title on there, it’s extremely satisfying for me. Why? I don’t know…. In fact, I want to update it in some way by organizing all my posts that discuss specific animes, not just the reviews. I also want to figure out a way to logically present my essay posts. Oh shoot, did I just set goals for myself?

This may have been my most pointless post yet, which is fitting I think. I guess all I wanted to say, it’s ok if you don’t have any huge things you want to achieve. It’s ok if you do and you fail. You shouldn’t feel like your hobbies have to have a point. Wandering aimlessly might get you nowhere most of the time, but that’s how you discover the most wonderful hidden spots.

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  1. So… Did you ever watch a Devil is a Part Timer and is it really boy love???

    I’m sorry, I saw you retweeted this and I just want to say this is one of my favorite comment sections. I feel my horror stories pale in comparison, and I look up to your composure and positivity like the Michael Jordan that I aspire to model my replies and even blog persona after.

    Plus it’s really cool to see a lot of familiar faces interacting before I hit the scene.

    Here’s to laughing off some of our more insane comments and bravely following where the wind takes us.

  2. i have a brand new harem anime or manga concept featuring a 36 year old paranormal investigator named Adam Manson and his odd adopted daughters who carry the genes of a god of evil, death, destruction, chaos, and war known as master Leviathan that looks like a eldritch abomination.

  3. That peculiar satisfaction when you add a review link to a page of reviews—I absolutely relate to that, yet have no idea as well! Anyway, I find your blog to be highly entertaining, and that spontaneity and freedom to post whatever you want, whenever you want to, is one of your greatest charms!

    1. Thank you Taku. I’m a big fan of your blog as well, as everyone knows. You’re similarly unthetered!

  4. I rarely blog. I made 2. 1 for work that may need to be updated and my first one has my name on it.My personal blog is mostly about me and a couple of rockstars I connect with. My personal post can be depressing at times. I don’t recommend reading those.
    I saw one of my favorite animes in this post.(Sword Art Online) Unfortunately I’m only into sci-fi/action anime.

    1. I dunno – reading depressing posts can be therapeutic. Sometimes, when people are in pain, it can help to know you’re not alone…
      Als the good news is that there is a lot of action and sci fi anime

  5. I started blogging spontaneously, having spent hardly any time lurking on other blogs beforehand. This was, I believe, a mistake. It felt like combing through the dark, since there was no plan or goals in mind at the inception.

    There still isn’t really.

    I wrote to have the satisfaction of creating something and putting it out to the world (regardless of quality). And then I wrote because I’d get excited about ideas I had. And eventually I wrote because I felt like I had to – due to (unsustainable) self-imposed deadlines.

    Now I write when I want to. Ideally, I would like to write two or three times a week. More realistically, I would like to get at least one post out per week. But if I’ve nothing to say I won’t force myself to rush out a half-hearted post.

    There are many things I hope to write someday. But I will save them for when I am ready. If they do not fill my head with ideas and energy and get me excited often enough to feel confident about letting loose my thoughts on them, then they will simply have to *wait* until my mind is on *actively* on them.

    If it’s not already apparent, I don’t spend enough time reflecting on what I watch. I have the bad habit of immediately moving onto the next thing instilled in me, allowing the memories and feelings of what I (recently) experienced to fade rapidly. This is one of the things I aim to work on; rumination. Learning how to remember stuff better so I am able to not only think about them with more clarity, but write about them with more precision and confidence – that is my current goal. Writing about Macross (semi-)episodically was good practice for that, I think.

    But I don’t think there is a “pointlessness” to these posts. You need only look at the comments section to see the effect they have on those that read your content. I would say that even a post like this, however you approached its creation, helps your readers in some way. Rambling (stream of consciousness writing) does not *necessarily* mean *pointlessness*. I would equate it to a pleasant conversation with a (good) friend over coffee… or preferably tea.

    The “happy-go-lucky attitude” really goes a long way in making these enjoyable to read.

    1. wow! Thank you – this is such a great comment! I hope my readers get the chance to read it as well because it add a lot to the post! Thank you again

  6. Another vote for the Rabbit group…provided I learn how that sort of thing works. I’ve never tried it before but would be willing to give it a go.

    …whatever happened to blogwarming parties? Those were great until they disappeared.

    Anyways, I’m basically going to echo Karandi’s thoughts here, but regardless of whether you have a small readership or a big one and an aimless way of writing posts or a structured one, you need to remember above all to have fun.

    1. I stopped getting submission. I think Jon’s Showcase is probably easier for most people. I loved those posts too.
      If you figured out Discord – Rabbit should be a cinch

  7. I created my blog because I loved writing reviews. I did so before on Facebook, but they were just little snippets and I could not really do something with it. Then one sunday this idea popped in my head to just start on a blog. I never realised it would turn into something like this though.
    But….we were talking about your blog: maybe there is a goal that you have already realised without you knowing about it?? How about the fact that you make everyone very happy with each post that you release on your “aimless” blog?? And I really mean that! One of the highlights of my day is reading a post from you as it is always entertaining and interesting to read. So…..in my opinion you have reached your goal! 😊😊 (even though you may not have realised that this was your goal 😊).

  8. I entirely agree. Being aimless with blogging is a joyful experience. I do have certain goals for my blog other than than always learn to improve. I never let that take over my focus. If I push myself too much to accomplish my goals I might end up tiring myself out while being too relaxed ensures I won’t get anything done. It’s best to let it clear out your mind, and make the non-sense in our head somehow comprehensible for other to read. There’s a wonderful art to aimless blogs. You never know what’s around the corner, and that’s always fun for me.

    I would be down for that Rabbit group watch if you ever did it. Group watches are generally fun!

  9. I agree. For me, blogging clarifies my own thoughts about something I’ve been thinking about. Until I put in “on paper” and get it organized, often I don’t really know precisely what I’m thinking and don’t know why it excites me. Writing about that something that excites me is pleasurable because it makes me think. There is no overarching purpose beyond that.

    Sometimes by writing, I’ll see something I didn’t realize at first. That’s the best part. Paragraphs get ripped out, sentences get sliced and diced, sequences get rearranged and new meanings created. It is why I never use an outline. It would be discarded instantly.

    I even like rereading my own posts. If I enjoyed writing them, why wouldn’t I? I get to relive that bit of creative thrill and see if something new comes up. I’ve been known to go back and edit posts over a year old to improve clarity, add new information or reflect new thinking. Doesn’t matter to me if anyone else notices. It makes ME happy.

    1. I also like rereading old posts…I thought I was just super full of myself! But it makes me relive the moment…

      1. Until I wrote about rereading old posts, I wasn’t sure why I enjoyed doing it. Not trying to sound like I’m a great artist or anything but I imagine every artist enjoys looking at work they enjoyed creating.

  10. Despite the fact that I’m the kind of person who absolutely much a goal in order to do anything, I think that the number one goal any blogger should keep in mind is to have fun. I started my blog to talk with people about anime and to enjoy anime more. Regardless of all the other goals and whether I reach those achievements or not, that is the one point I absolutely cannot forget. It mind seem like a nebulous goal just to have fun, but I believe it is most definitely the most important one. That said, it is a fairly easy achievement given the amazing community.
    I’m glad you are still enjoying your blog. We all love reading it and week after week you are putting out content that is amazing, engaging, sometimes thought provoking, and always seems very true to you.

  11. I think your “aimless” posts are some of my favorites – and the truth is that in the end they do end up somewhere profound. Or not. As I’ve gone through life I’ve learned that it really is the journey that is more important than the destination. Of course, I admit, I’m an aimless wanderer with gypsy feet and insatiable curiosity about everything.

    Once upon a time I believed that whole “make millions on the Internet” silliness, and I was very dedicated to doing just that. I was one of the earliest bloggers (we’re talking 1999 here) and I absolutely went about it to make money. Never made any real money at it (unless $20 a month or so impresses you) but I certainly enjoyed the writing aspect and many of the great people I met through it.

    I’ve been on a very long break and I have long since quit kidding myself that I’ll make any money on the Internet. But I have never completely stopped blogging, and I don’t think I ever will. However, my blogging gets more and more aimless… just like this comment.

    So thank you for validating my wandering. LOL.

      1. 2006 hubby and I went on the road for a few months. My host (this is when we coded our own webpages and paid for hosting..) changed something on the server and broke ALL of my (hand coded) blogs. I was in no position to fix them at the time. I’ve piddled around with blogs since but never really gotten strongly back into it. So not really 20 years. When was the last time I posted at WordPress…? LOL.

  12. Still haven’t seen you review Louie the Rune Soldier yet. There’s a big backlog of shows appropriate to your subject, and a place to review and promote these important shows from 15 years ago. Anime fans have notoriously short memories.

    1. Excuse me? I don’t your name on the blog nor are you paying Irina for anything, so I don’t see any reason why she should post what you want at all.

      1. She’s free to ignore my request, too. I’m just curious to see if she likes it as much as I do, seeing as we’re a similar age and the same generation.

            1. And its early 70’s, actually. Technically after “summer of love”. That lead to the “Spring of Divorce”.

            2. I thought gen x was like 61 to 76 or something like that just looked it up and Millennials start at 82??? Well that sort of changes things…

      1. Anime, including some of the older ones? True, Louie isn’t BL, so maybe it isn’t properly what you want. And its more of an Unwanted Harem in a similar way to Konosuba, which is what I think that one is referencing, at least partially.

        1. PoP quiz how many BL shows have I reviewed? Extra points if you know how many Yuri shows I’ve reviewed.

          1. So I checked the list of posts you wrote about shows and roughly compared them. Some of the shows I didn’t watch because I’m the wrong gender to enjoy BL. You’ve got a 3:1 ratio of BL to Yuri show reviews, and reviewed more romance shows 2:1 to Yuri as well. I only went back to June, but that’s what you’ve posted.

            1. That’s a surprise to me. Having actually watched these shows I know that there’s only one Yaoi show and 3 games vs 3 Yuri shows and 2 games…. Maybe you don’t use BL to mean the same thing…As for romance – no clue. According to my AniList it’s the genre I watch the least

            2. I include most Reverse Harem under the BL umbrella, since they’re shows with pretty boys flirting with each other in the presence of the heroine, so the twins and cousins in Ouran High School Host Club is both Reverse Harem and BL. I also consider it BL if its commonly shipped by Rotten Girls and is plaguing Fanfiction.net with Yaoi shipping M rated stuff without warning tags, a problem that’s been going on for 20 years now.

            3. I don’t read fanfiction but You got me really curious so I also went through my posts for the past two months I assume UtaPri is one ou call BL even though there is no actual BL in it and Touken Ranbu which I guess if you stretch it but I couldn’t figure out the other one at all. As for Yuri I think Harukana goes nd Fastest finger, Monster girls if you stretch it and Love Tyrant?

            4. If the boys are pretty and have girly hair, that’s meant to appeal to Rotten Girls and qualifies as BL. If there’s only boys in the cover art, its BL. So the Swimming anime “Free” is BL. If its only girls on the cover its Yuri until proven otherwise. Sakura Project proved Not-Yuri, and several of the girls on the cover shows turned out to be Moe but often have some yuri characters in them for the shippers to ruin in Fan fiction.

            5. wait doesn’t that make 90% of battle shonen BL? Like HxH would qualify as BL then. And Dragon Ball, Bleach…. Or does the BL also have an until proven otherwise part?

            6. The Rotten Girls have beaten you to the punch there. They turn ALL shounen battle shows into BL. Naruto has horrible creepy stuff. The Rotten Girls think little Racist Hitler Draco Malfoy is a great BL match for Harry Potter, child abuse victim. Hundred thousand stories like that. That’s literal, btw.

            7. so you’re saying all stories with more than one male character are BL?
              I know you read a lot of fanfiction but it’s not my thing so I really can’t use that as any type of barometer.

            8. I don’t create Rotten Girls. They’re the ones ruining online fanfiction for everyone else. Its always had problems with that, even back to the 1970’s with xerox printed zines, and later with dialup BBSes which later linked into alt.* and the eventual growth of tens of thousands of bulletin boards on the early internet, before WWW and forums replaced them. Rotten Girls made Cowboy Bebop BL. Spike and Vicious is a famous pairing. So is Spike and Jet.

            9. Well there’s gender swap fanfiction that makes all the characters in more shows boys. Are you going to call Yuru Camp BL because of that?

            10. Yuru Camp is moe. If you want genderswap, I suggest Evangelion. Did you know its gender swapped? That’s why the characters are so off. Swap them and suddenly Asuka makes sense again.

            11. That’s not the questions at all. You’re point seems to be if it’s possible for someone to create a homoerotic version of a show, then it’s BL no matter the actual content.
              If that’s the case then I can understand why you would think I review so much BL.
              Since you read so much more fanfiction than I do you see those homoerotic potentials that I simply do not.

            12. Imagine you’re a librarian approached by a 10yo boy who wants to know what fanfiction is after reading a manga he liked. Do you tell him there’s 90K stories on Fanfiction.net for that fandom and risk him finding something horrible because Rotten Girls are evil and indifferent about coding appropriately, or do you keep silent and wish him well? The forum administrators are mostly BL fans, and they purge miscoded straight fiction without appeal, but leave most explicit BL intact without comment. That’s the sort of horror story you don’t want costing your job or freedom.

            13. why would I know the answer to this? Also fanfiction has been around forever, I’m sure librarians already have an established procedure for the situation

            14. Librarians do not teach about fanfiction. I wrote papers on this for school. There’s some papers written by english majors, and some by law students, but library science mostly shouts “LALALALAICANTHEARYOU” when it comes to fanfiction. Even though Stephanie Meyer and several other YA authors started in fanfiction, often writing Harry Potter BL.

            15. If a 10 year old asks you about pronography and where he can find the books on it you probably have a professional guideline on how to answer.

            16. Yes, we do for that case. We don’t want the accidental problem, however. A 10 year old will know that all Romance novels are porn, especially 10 year old girls, and unfortunately if they’re old enough to reach for the book the policy is to loan it to them.

            17. Another example of this would be Devil is a Part Timer, which is a romance adventure comedy, but Rotten Girls BL it into Yaoi porn in Fan fiction and doujins. They do try to ruin everything, and post without tags to warn away straight people, despite forum rules over that VERY issue. Sigh. This is a problem for me as a librarian because forums which are blase about the violations can’t be recommended to YA readers because surprise gay porn is a felony violation of CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) and results in prison for the librarian. We also can’t recommend or loan out Game of Thrones for the same reason.

            18. I’m shocked. You haven’t see Devil is a Part Timer? Put that on your list. Its even funny and has pretty boys, and women who work for a living.

            19. Steins;Gate gets weekly posts, and its a tragic romance scifi horror story, from what little I saw. There’s no BL or Yuri in that. They hero loves the sweet girl and tries to save her from endless horrible deaths, like the plot in HG Wells “The Time Machine”, only with Bananas and a microwave.

            20. Not exactly, the hero loves the mean girl he sweet girl is a childhood friend. Fate seems to dictate that only one can live and he chose the friend sacrificing the love…. No there is no BL. There are several scenes of girls showing physical affection o each other – so some yuri I guess

            21. So far not this season. I think they may be leading up to it though. I know some fans are finding it slow but I really love the old school speculative sci fi you know. It’s doesn’t always have to be about explosions and huge mecha.

            22. Sometimes its about hating a space ship for no reason. Or precognition and roosters, again for no reason. Or post apocalyptic boxing, which was really good, or post apocalyptic motor scooters (which was dumb). Or even tiny Keebler Elves used as drones by AI’s uploaded into grey goo, living at a much higher rate of speed mocking the remaining few biological humans (Humanity Has Declined). Speculative fiction can be very good, and the Japanese are willing to tell more interesting stories than Hollywood. Even Canadian Scifi is better than Hollywood.

            23. I dunno man Canadians get very grim with their fiction… I know you hate S;G but I really don’t know why. It sounds like the type of show you would enjoy a lot

            24. I often dislike time travel shows. I did like Continuum because it sidestepped the issues with paradox. Too many time travel shows are about the inevitable paradox, and all the ways paradox can screw you up, and how pointless it is to try and escape it. Or worse, if you feel really strongly you can, because of religion or some crap like that. Sigh. The futility in S;G over killing the sweet girl over and over again was depressing and upsetting. I can’t see that as entertainment.

            25. See I know you haven’t seen it so I’m not sure how to respond. I mean within context it was not futile at all.

            26. I got about 4-5 episodes into the original show, and was horrified at the death. I hadn’t yet learned the Semicolon rule yet. That’s the show where I clued in.

            27. It’s too bad it has fantastic science and a storyline that doesn’t talk down to the audience. For people that enjoy intellectual old school sci fi and don’t mind a bit of Yuri and Harem fanservice it is a challenging offering. But it’s not for everyone that’s for sure

            28. I don’t like much Horror anime. I’d much rather watch Moe or stories that don’t take place in Tokyo. Holmes of Kyoto has been lovely entertainment, and is relatively intellectual mysteries and nice scenery.

            29. oh I guess I had the wrong idea because of the old school stuff you like to name. yeah S;G is GitS type stuff. Definetly not moe at all and a little heavy. You should stay away then

            30. GITS is very nostalgic for me because I was a cyberpunk author once, back when it was still cool.

            31. Hmm. Well, very few established moe characters get killed in GITS. Sometimes a victim dies, but you don’t get 4-5 eps establishing them moe creds then kill them horribly and spend the rest of the show trying and failing to save them from paradox. That’s what I remember of S;G, and GITS is more about the overarching plot of suppressing a terrorist meme that overwrites memories of people, which is more of a PK Dick kind of storyline: identity is memories, and if memories can be overwritten: who are you? GITS is fantastic that way and its a cyberpunk theme that goes back to Neuromancer, its very beginning as a genre.

            32. Good for him. And for saving the girl. Or girls. Are you going to watch Devil is a part timer? Or So I couldn’t be a hero and got a job instead? That’s a similar idea. Anyone who has worked retail can sympathize with those shows.

            33. Really? Lucky. Its a special kind of horror. Maybe that’s why I’m so thinned skinned and you like those horror shows.

            34. you have got to stop assuming stuff about shows you’ve never seen man. you’re going to miss out on so much.

            35. I figure the marketing department for a show makes their show image to advertise the content, and an “all boys” cover is advertising BL. It would be disrespectful and naive not to take the hint.

            36. you said devil is a part timer is BL because you read a story where two of the male charas were into each other?

            37. I don’t read those stories. But they exist. LOts of them. Rotten Girls are pollution in fanfiction. Sigh. A waste of writing talent, but I understand where they are coming from. They’re so scared.

            38. So are you going to read any of the fanfiction? Or watch some of the shows you’ve missed?

            39. Fanfiction isn’t really my thing and you haven’t exactly been selling it well. Yes I will continue to watch anime

            40. Kakuriyo is a reverse harem, and the Rotten Girls are probably making BL out of that too. The male characters keep making eyes at each other, and standing too close while the heroine looks on.

            41. Its not that you don’t like others, its that you have a preference for those and review them. Goose and gander. I think I didn’t realize you’d already reviewed Yuri shows, so my bad there.

            42. I don’t have a preference for them. I’ve even written before that I prefer Yuri anime to Yaoi. I do think Reverse Harem shows are more stupid than traditional harm shows (which makes them funnier to me) but I never counted either as homosexual…

  13. Ah! I love your pointless yet not pointless posts. I think it’s clear that I’ll read whatever you write at this point.

    And I agree with you. I like having my blog to write about whatever I feel like. I won’t lie that having followers to go along with my nonsense is kind of nice too. This is so fun 😁. Blogging is fun!

    1. I agree with Scott. This is not usually the way I write, but I do love reading these pointless but not pointless posts!
      Oh, and btw, Rabbit group watch with juice sounds super fun…

  14. Goals are helpful, but it’s also all too easy to get hung up on thinking about the things you “should” be doing, when in fact it’s often more productive to examine things in retrospect. That way, goals can fall into place naturally. You can think “hey, I really enjoyed doing that, maybe I should do more of it.”

    That’s pretty much where my Cover Game format came from. I had a vague goal of wanting to revitalise my site after a bit of a hiatus, and I thought back to an earlier period where I spent a week writing something different about the same game every day. (https://moegamer.net/all-games/tales-of-xillia-2/) I really enjoyed doing that, so I figured how I might be able to make that work on a more regular basis. And thus, the idea of spending a month at a time exploring a single game or series was born. Other stuff sort of sprouted off from that.

    I don’t really have a “long-term” goal for my site either, other than “keep writing as a means of pushing me through my never-ending backlog”, but I don’t really feel I need anything more than that. I’m not trying to be a big commercial site — though I’m very thankful for those generous enough to flip a dollar or two my way each month — and I’m not trying to be a “games journalist”. I’m trying to enjoy myself. And it’s very much working!

  15. I love this style of post. You nailed your point in the conclusion, and the rest is a great reminder to just take it easy.

    I needed this post – so thanks! ^_^

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