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Friday Hunt – Hunter X Hunter challenge week 20

I had a though time with this one. I actually had to go back and rewatch scenes,  which ended up in me rewatching episodes, then an entire arc. Long story short, I ended up rewatching a bunch of hxh episodes I already knew almost by heart and got nothing done. I didn’t even pick out...


Soul Eatin Mondays – week 18

I like how the challenge takes into account my doormatty nature which makes it difficult for me to label anything as “bad”. Least Favorite allows you to say it was great just the least great….Anyways – this scene was meh.


Friday Hunt – Hunter X Hunter challenge week 17

I had the toughest time with this one. Every time I chose an arc I would immediately change my mind. It got so bad I almost chose the Chimera ant arc again, since I at least can find reasons to dislike it – it has my saddest scene pick for one.