When I first saw this question, I thought to myself, finally a subject I’ll have something to say on. Then I realized that I like to wear, buy and try on clothes but I don’t really have anything to say about them…

  1. Your Favorite Teen Meister
  2. Your Least Favorite Teen Meister
  3. Your Favorite Teen Weapon
  4. Your Least Favorite Teen Weapon
  5. Your Favorite Adult Meister
  6. Your Least Favorite Adult Meister
  7. Your favorite Adult Weapon
  8. Your Least favorite Adult Weapon
  9. Your Favorite Witch
  10. Your Least Favorite Witch
  11. Your Favorite Class
  12. Your Favorite Outfit
  13. Your Favorite Pairing
  14. Your Least Favorite Pairing
  15. Your Favorite Crack Pairing
  16. Your Least Favorite Crack Pairing
  17. Your Favorite Scene
  18. Your Least Favorite Scene
  19. Crossover
  20. Your Favorite Opening
  21. Your Least Favorite Opening
  22. Your Favorite Ending
  23. Your Least Favorite Ending
  25. Moon or Sun?
  26. Fool! / BAKA!
  27. Lord Death
  28. If You Met Your All Time Favorite Character
  29. Chibi Time?
  30. A Message To Atsushi Ohkubo
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I’m a little uncomfortale by how much attention I had to pay to Cona’s body for this post

Your Favorite Outfit

Soul Eater, as a show, is one of my fashion goals. I adore almost every outfit. It’s one thing to design crazy armor or super intricate dresses that will obviously stand out, but it’s another altogether to create looks that are in fact completely wearable and yet still striking and memorable.

You can easily cosplay as any Soul Eater character and be comfortable all day, able to walk around normally and sit down wherever you please and people will still recognize you even if you take off your wig. How many shows can you say that about. Maybe the sports uniforms but let’s face it, those aren’t as snazzy. Snazzyness is real important in my book.

But how to narrow it down. The stitches are wonderful and the cross tie is wonderfully silly. Medusa’s hoodie dress is something I would buy right now. I regularly accidentally end up dressed as Maka and workout as Blackstar. This was a very tough decision folks.

Now that’s extensible fabric

In the end, I went for the classic silhouette and  intriguing ambiguity of Crona’s smock. Obviously that thing is Fuh-AH-shiyon. The black and white goes with everything every time. The fitted but not tight cut allows you to flaunt the results of all those gym hours without being trashy about it. The high neck and substantial cufflinks create the illusion of length immediately adding grace to any profile and the small button detailing prevents the ensemble from becoming too dull or dour.

If that is in fact a one piece (as opposed to a dress over a shirt), it’s also like to be very easy to put on and seems incredibly comfortable. Finally, we all know that black is slimming and who doesn’t want to be slim? Oh and whatever material it’s made out from is seriously sturdy. It survives Ragnarok’s many intrusions after all, without ever needing so much as a bit of stitching.

I’m not sure how practicle it is for fighting…

Also I would just look fabulous in it so there’s that.

Suggested drink: The Little Black Dress Cocktail 

  • Every time Ragnarok comes out – take a sip
  • Every time Crona feels guilty – take a sip
  • Every time Medusa talks to Crona – take a huge sip
  • Every time Maka defends Crona – raise your glass
  • Every time Crona doesn’t know how to deal – take a sip
  • Every time Crona smiles- cheers
  • Every time Crona writes poetry – finish your drink

6 thoughts

  1. Crona’s black dress is rather fashionable now that you mention it. And here I thought it was rather drab…

    And wow, that drink is so creative, what the heck!!

        1. The drink…I can’t imagine having to make a new one every 20 minutes but I’m definitely whipping up a batch for my next cocktail party.

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