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Soul Eatin Mondays – week 25

I love this question and it’s so perfect for the show. Out of all the little stylish touches in Soul Eater’s designs, I think the slightly menacing astral bodies are the most striking.


Friday Hunt – Hunter X Hunter challenge week 24

But what is family really. Can we simply limit it to the random luck of the genetic draw? Is someone who has been by your side since childhood, sharing in your pains, shouldering your anxieties and cheering on your victories, not worthy of the title? You already know I’m going to cheat, don’t you?


Soul Eatin Mondays – week 23

So last week we found out that I’m not quite as smart as a houseplant so I’m no longer venturing guesses. We’re playing safe and straight from now on! This week on I drink and Watch Anime, we consider which is My Least Favorite Ending of Soul Eater. Man, that was a purposeful and clear...


Friday Hunt – Hunter X Hunter challenge week 23

So we go from one extreme to another. To be honest the right answer here is Feitan. I’ve already described what an antisocial jerk this guy is (love him). I have a feeling if I choose him fr this answer, it will just end up being the same post, so I’ll go with choice no...


Soul Eatin Mondays – week 22

It should be noted that I’m smarter than I look. Granted there are certain houseplants that are smarter than I look…I look pretty dumb is what I’m saying bit I’m NOT! For instance, my superior brain power tells me that since there are two different Soul Eater OPs there are probably two different Soul Eater...


Friday Hunt – Hunter X Hunter challenge week 21

I get ahead of myself often. This is why I’ve already answered this question in the favorite outfit part. Not that it matters I can elaborate. I have a certain gift for going on and on about nothing in particular. Have I mentioned how much I appreciate your patience.