Guys, this challenge may be trolling me…

  1. How did you find HxH?
  2. Favorite main character
  3. Favorite supporting character
  4. Favorite Chimera ant
  5. Least favorite character
  6. Favorite Zoldyck Member
  7. Favorite Villain
  8. Favorite Nen type
  9. Favorite Nen ability
  10. Favorite episode
  11. Favorite scene
  12. Favorite opening animation
  13. Do you ship anyone
  14. Saddest scene
  15. Favorite non-nen ability
  16. Favorite ark
  17. Least favorite ark
  18. Favorite type of Hunter
  19. Favorite character outfit
  20. Funniest scene
  21. Who would you cosplay as
  22. Friendliest character
  23. Least friendly character
  24. Best main character family member
  25. Favorite character backstory
  26. Worse main character family member
  27. Manga or Anime
  28. Most relatable character
  29. What got you hooked on the show
  30. Why do you love HxH
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something is missing?

Do you ship anyone?

Why do I feel like this is a trick question.

OK, so short answer is “no”. But for the sake of the question I actually put some thought into it and here’s what I came up with:

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Mito x Kurapika

I don’t know if this is in fact a popular ship already, but Mito isn’t a very important character in the series so I doubt many fanfic authors really think of her that much. The thing is though, Mito rulez. She is a truly fantastic character, surprisingly well developed and aside from being somewhat laissez faire with her 11 year old, a very good mother. Wait, let me rephrase that. A very loving mother.

She took in a child that wasn’t her own and raised him the very best she could. She definitely didn’t suffocate the kid. She is extremely generous but still manages to avoid being a doormat. Mito shows us that a character can be motherly, self sacrificing and altruistic while remaining entirely powerful, determined and individualistic. Basically, Mito’s cool. She could have had her own grand adventures. Maybe she did and we just didn’t see them. She does seem a little bored on that island though.

Related image
Mother material

On the other hand, Kurapika is a lost child. He lacks the particular strength that allowed Mito to hold onto herself despite having her life derailed. Admittedly, what Kurapika went through is a lot more traumatizing. I’m not blaming the guy for falling into despair. However, I do think he could use a shoulder to cry on. Gon, Killua and Leorio are all too selfish and wrapped up in their own lives to provide Kurapika with the support he needs. Besides I’m not sure any of them are really suited for that sort of thing.

Related image
Guy could use a hug

Mito is basically the perfect mix of caring but strict to drag Kurapika out from the hole he’s dug for himself. She could gently and patiently show him that life goes on. As for Kurapika. He might be a mess but he’s also an intelligent, well traveled, generally level headed pretty boy. He would provide Mito with a nice distraction as well as a bit of adventure. Abe is getting on in years and after she’s gone, there’s really nothing keeping Mito on Whale Island anymore.

I admit, I haven’t really worked out the more smexy aspect but they’re two attractive young people (who look a little bit alike….), I’m sure it’ll take care of itself.

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No no, this is a very bad idea…

I don’t drink anymore, but no less either

Suggested drink: Love Potion #9

  • Every time Kurapika isolates himself – take a sip 
  • Every time Mito mentions Ging – have a sip
  • Every time Kurapika looses his composure – have a sip
  • Every time Mito seems a little bored – have a sip
  • Every time Mito does laundry – have a sip
  • Every time Kurapika cooks – have a snack
Not gonna lie – the pics were fun to find…

9 thoughts

        1. Bih – I think the experience would bring them closer!!! But ultimately after. It would be good for Pika to have someone to take care of

  1. I haven’t thought of MitoxKurapika pair but nice! Although, they look more like a sibling material to me. Also…the Chrollo-Kurapika pic…ughm….*clears throat* nice visual but let’s stop. ^_^

    1. For some reason Google images kept giving me Chrollo-Kurapika pics. I just don’t know what could ever make Google think I’d be interested in that…

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