Ok this will come as no suprise…I’m a bit of a goof.

I may have accidentally unfollowed you but I still love  you and am interested in what you have to say. I should have everything back to normal in the next few days but don’t hesitate to DM me if I unintentionally dropped your blog.

I just wanted to let you guys know so no one feels bad for no reason…

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  1. I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog posts. (You’re always the first I read when it comes to the blogs I follow.) I found it to be one of the most interesting blogs I’ve ever came across and I’m really glad I came across your blog. (Seriously I am. It’s pretty interesting. Not to mention many of your posts are quite funny, and entertaining in their own ways. ) Well anyways, I’m still following you and reading your blog though despite of not commenting. (I’m honestly really shy when it comes to commenting on other blogs…. Sorry. >_<') Anywho, that's all I really got to say.
    -KohanaHana~ ♥

    Thanks for still following my blog despite of it being dead-ish as of late due to some (personal) misfortunes.

        1. I *think* so. AT least I hope… Hey if people comment or like and I see I’m not following them – I can at least catch it that way.

  2. I think WordPress is weird sometimes too and randomly unfollows people. And sometimes it recommends really weird blogs. (No, WordPress, when have I ever been interested in making fancy desserts? Or even cooking?)

  3. There you are! Btw, Crunchyroll now has Trigun in its original Japanese. Its still a fantastic and nostalgic show, and is heavily driven by plot so should be what you like. There’s even Bishies.

      1. Really? That’s pretty cool. I like how it is compared to Cowboy Bebop and Outlaw Star and its copy (sort of) Trinity Blood. Trigun was a show I introduced to a coworker from Taiwan, and he didn’t know latin so thought it was called Tree-gun, not realizing it means Three. He did like the show though and bought one of the posable dolls for his desk, it being 2003 this was still around. Back then they ran Trigun on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network, before or after they ran an ep of Cowboy Bebop and before Space Ghost, a show so lame it had to be last.

      1. They’ve got Slayers now, too. “Darkness upon twilight, crimson as the blood that flows…” The dragonslave spell is something that all anime fans should memorize and be familiar with. It is used in most of the episodes, often to comedy effect.

  4. https://gph.is/2BiQ40l

    I’m one of the lucky ones! I knew you still loved me!

    WordPress does that unfollow to me at random moments. Whenever it gives me a pop up about accepting a site cookie, or something else on my screen it’ll accidentally think I click the follow button, and unfollow someone. In one case, it’ll let me follow a blog. Guess it only wants to stalk a certain amount.

  5. I accidentally unfollowed my own Monogatari blog…
    Even though I’m the owner, I’m now follower #15 instead of #1! It’s tragic, I’m telling you, ’cause now Yomu has my #1 spot!

        1. I scheduled everything so the emails remind me that something got posted without me needing to go see my blog

  6. Although you did apparently unfollow me. . .I’ll never say “milquetoast” again! ;-p

  7. Well..just checked, and you are still following me: Phew!😅
    Also…you are not a goof! When it comes to tech stuff I’m just awful noob and I think that I have done some totally crazy things as well here 😊😊

  8. Oops I did it again… 🎤 I’ll have that song in my head now ALL day 😂😂 my theory is that WP is full of mischievous fairies…

    1. I have upset the god of the internet. They are going to bring me down through tiny annoyances until I repent.

        1. I thought you were only following a select few now. Made my day to find out you still drop by from time to time. YAY!

          1. This internship is turning my life 360 lol. Sure I wouldn’t fully abandon my blog but I will not lie about not having the time to go crazy. 😛

  9. Don’t feel bad – I had an oops a few weeks ago – accidentally deleted 70-80% of my media library … that was a long day of repair work to nearly 100 posts, (*MUST NOT CRY JUST THINKING ABOUT IT*)

      1. Yup, BUT it did have the silver lining that I had renamed all my CPU media with appropriate file names so when I re-uploaded they were probably way more searchable.

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