Writing this blog has shed some light on my current state for mind. I’ve come to know myself better  as a person and what I’ve realized is that I’m one basic b.

  1. How did you find HxH?
  2. Favorite main character
  3. Favorite supporting character
  4. Favorite Chimera ant
  5. Least favorite character
  6. Favorite Zoldyck Member
  7. Favorite Villain
  8. Favorite Nen type
  9. Favorite Nen ability
  10. Favorite episode
  11. Favorite scene
  12. Favorite opening animation
  13. Do you ship anyone
  14. Saddest scene
  15. Favorite non-nen ability
  16. Favorite ark
  17. Least favorite ark
  18. Favorite type of Hunter
  19. Favorite character outfit
  20. Funniest scene
  21. Who would you cosplay as
  22. Friendliest character
  23. Least friendly character
  24. Best main character family member
  25. Favorite character backstory
  26. Worse main character family member
  27. Manga or Anime
  28. Most relatable character
  29. What got you hooked on the show
  30. Why do you love HxH
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You’ll never guess which it is

Favorite ark

My favorite ark is the same as everyone else’s (or almost), and it’s the chimera ants arc. I am not sure whether the correct spelling of arc is with a c or a k. I like arc better personally.

HxH is often hailed as a brilliant shounen deconstruction. A trope defying, genre bucking wunderkind that stands aside from the pack in  class of its own. I must admit, this claim is one of the things that sparked my interest in the first place. But for all my love of both deconstructions and HxH, I’m not entirely sure it qualifies. The series embraces just as many stereotypes as it subverts and for a long time, it seemed more like a fun, well made shounen than anything else. The chimera arc is where that mask slips.

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It starts innocently enough

Despite being considerably more dramatic and tragically lacking in Hisokas, two big drawbacks in my book, this arc manages to elevate the entire narrative and inject nuance in the most shockingly brutal way possible. The deliberate, ruthless flow of events and the merciless depiction of all involved, is so brilliantly executed that you will be mesmerized even if you know exactly what’s going to happen.

As a self sustained arc, the focus shifts from out main protagonists ever so slightly, elaborating more than ever before, the larger world in which they operate. It introduces an entire new cast late in the series as well as complex social economical and political realities to what had hitherto been a generally bland basic shounen universe. And it does all of these things well.

HxhH excels at character creation. The cast is huge, memorable and enjoyable. You have standouts of course but you could easily make a case for favorite character for any of the 50 or so more developed individuals. The fact that the chimera ant arc manages to integrate such an already beloved and well established cast with dozens of new fan favorites, is astounding.

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I wonder if anyone has the Queen as a favorite?

For me however, the real tour the force is not how it expands the entire universe and presents us with 3 entire shows’ worth of new characters, but in how it reveals and redefines its protagonists. Both Gon and Killua go through defining moments in this arc. Their friendship endures one as well (my saddest moment). Amid all the chaos and expositions of such a story and action heavy arc, the narrative still somehow found a way to evolve our beloved heroes into some of the most layered and intricate personalities this genre has to offer.

The chimera arc is not always easy to watch. The show took a leap of faith, trusting the audience that had already shared this adventure for so long would stay by Gon and Killua in the worst of times. It spelled out in no uncertain terms that a happy ending would no longer be an option, and believed that we would be strong enough to accept it. The show thought highly enough of us to believe we would forgive our heroes’ weaknesses and accept their ugly sides. This arc asked for so much of me and I can’t help but to be a little flattered that it believed I could pull it off.

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It hurt a little

A truly remarkable narrative in the midst of a truly fantastic show.

Lips that touch liquor touch other lips quicker…

Suggested drink: The King

  • Every time someone dies brutally – have a drink
  • Every time a new type of ant is born – have a drink
  • Every time Gon mentions Kite – have a drink
  • Every time Killua uses yoyos – have a drink
  • Every time Knuckles is too nice – raise your glass
  • Every time we see the royal guard – worry
  • Every time we see the king – be nervous
  • Every time things go bad – finish your drink then get some water
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Those are my feels


3 thoughts

  1. 1. You chose the correct spelling of “arc”. (I’m now imagine an off-beat horror flick where chimera ants infiltrate Noah’s ark.)

    2. I don’t really think HxH is much of a deconstuction (I actually don’t use the word a lot, anyway). Where it’s genre-conscious, I think of it more as an hommage. (The Zoldycks are refugees from Jojo; the King invaded from Dragon Balls… I’m convinced that Cheetu is basically Naruto.) Where it’s not genre-conscious, it’s simply non-formulaic writing. Genre isn’t the same thing as a narrative formula.

    3. My favourite arc is definitely York New City. It’s tighter and more intense. Chimera Ants is such a sprawling tale, that I feel it doesn’t sometimes handle overall mood very well. There’s too much of a gap between gruesomeness and sympathy, but the gap itself is covered with a standard shounen feel. It’s still my second favourite arc, though.

  2. That was the first arc not from the original anime that got animated. Maybe I should skip dozens of episodes to get to the Chimera Ant Arc. Hahaha! Good work though.

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