Well this is embarrassing. I hadn’t realized Soul Eater had different openings. Yeah, this is one of my favourite shows.

  1. Your Favorite Teen Meister
  2. Your Least Favorite Teen Meister
  3. Your Favorite Teen Weapon
  4. Your Least Favorite Teen Weapon
  5. Your Favorite Adult Meister
  6. Your Least Favorite Adult Meister
  7. Your favorite Adult Weapon
  8. Your Least favorite Adult Weapon
  9. Your Favorite Witch
  10. Your Least Favorite Witch
  11. Your Favorite Class
  12. Your Favorite Outfit
  13. Your Favorite Pairing
  14. Your Least Favorite Pairing
  15. Your Favorite Crack Pairing
  16. Your Least Favorite Crack Pairing
  17. Your Favorite Scene
  18. Your Least Favorite Scene
  19. Crossover
  20. Your Favorite Opening
  21. Your Least Favorite Opening
  22. Your Favorite Ending
  23. Your Least Favorite Ending
  25. Moon or Sun?
  26. Fool! / BAKA!
  27. Lord Death
  28. If You Met Your All Time Favorite Character
  29. Chibi Time?
  30. A Message To Atsushi Ohkubo
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I never realized how much alike they look

Your Favorite Opening

Well it’s not like there were TONS of different openings, there are only two really. You can’t blame me too much for having forgotten about that.

So I just rewatched them all, yes all two – the things I do for you guys! – and I’m going to go with papermoon or OP2:

Fact is, I’m not really crazy about either of these OPs. For a show as creative and weird as Soul Eater, the OPs are pretty standard fare. Don’t get me wrong, they get the job done. Rewatching them just now gave me the urge to see the series again (not the same way as the HxH OPs did when I had the same question) but nothing about them really stands out. There’s a reason we never see this show in best OP lists.

I’m kinda hoping you flood my comments with lists showing otherwise. Mostly because I really don’t have anything else to say on the subject.

I chose Papermoon because I like the song a bit better, that’s all.

This said, the visuals of the Soul Eater repeat openings are really cool. Much better to look at, but since it’s not the ones I saw when I was watching the show, I don’t get the same pangs of nostalgia. That got them out of the running.

Nevertheless, if you’ve never seen them, it’s definitely worth a look,

Look at that magical girl Maka!

Suggested drink: Paper (Honey) Moon

  • Every time Maka gets a close up – take a sip
  • Every time we see the Sun or the Moon – take a sip
  • Every time the camera zooms by a character – take a sip
  • Every time there’s an artsy establishing shot – take a sip
  • Every time there’s a split screen – take a sip

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11 thoughts

  1. I loved both Soul Eater openings. Just listening to them isn’t amazing but they both just perfectly fit the show you are about to watch and the visuals for both work really well. Still, I’d probably have picked Papermoon too as the better one.

  2. I thought OP1 had some pretty great animation, but I do prefer OP2 as a song. Thanks for spreading the Soul Eater love again with this challenge!

  3. I don’t think either of the Soul Eater OPs would make my top anime OP list either, but I’m still pretty fond of the second one in particular because I like Tommy heavenly6 (and just Kawase Tomoko in general).

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