Did YOU know there was more than one Soul Eater OP? Cause I knew! I’m an expert!

  1. Your Favorite Teen Meister
  2. Your Least Favorite Teen Meister
  3. Your Favorite Teen Weapon
  4. Your Least Favorite Teen Weapon
  5. Your Favorite Adult Meister
  6. Your Least Favorite Adult Meister
  7. Your favorite Adult Weapon
  8. Your Least favorite Adult Weapon
  9. Your Favorite Witch
  10. Your Least Favorite Witch
  11. Your Favorite Class
  12. Your Favorite Outfit
  13. Your Favorite Pairing
  14. Your Least Favorite Pairing
  15. Your Favorite Crack Pairing
  16. Your Least Favorite Crack Pairing
  17. Your Favorite Scene
  18. Your Least Favorite Scene
  19. Crossover
  20. Your Favorite Opening
  21. Your Least Favorite Opening
  22. Your Favorite Ending
  23. Your Least Favorite Ending
  25. Moon or Sun?
  26. Fool! / BAKA!
  27. Lord Death
  28. If You Met Your All Time Favorite Character
  29. Chibi Time?
  30. A Message To Atsushi Ohkubo
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Actually now that I rewatch it, it’s pretty fun

Your Least Favorite Opening

Did you read my challenge post last week? It’s ok, most people don’t read them. But here’s a little game to reward those who did. Guess which intro is my least favorite:

With only two intros to choose from, I really don’t have all that much to say on the subject. This said can we all agree that Soul Eater deserved better OPs and EDs. Let me clarify, the OPs aren’t horrible they’re just a little lackluster.

This show is beautiful, distinctive and stylish. It sports some of the most instantly recognizable visuals and some of the most iconic character designs in recent years. If nothing else, you have to admit Soul Eater has a “look”. And the animation itself is solid, with some truly spectacular fight scenes. So how exactly did we end up with these bland, forgettable bookends. These look like they could belong to just about any average shonen.

Do you guys think they simply had to trim the budget somewhere or is this a question of production teams viewing OPs as meer extras. That’s too bad. A good intro goes a long way to setting the tone of a series and getting you excited for the episode to come.

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I didn’t realize medusa was spoiled in the credits

Even just a great intro song will at least get people talking about your show. For instance, listen to the fantastic signal – intro song for 91 days. Do you know how many people have told me they only watched the show because they really liked that intro. 2! I only know 3 people who watch anime, 2 is huge!

Suggested drink : Soul Manhattan

  • Every time there’s an arrow motif – take a sip
  • Every time the camera zips past a character – take a sip
  • Every time a character dances along – take a sip
  • Every time Maka and Soul grasp hands – take a sip
  • Every time there’s a fight scene – take a sip

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8 thoughts

  1. That intro song for 91 Days certainly sounds awesome. Is this the same band that made the intro song for the first half of Pscycho Pass? As it sounds very familiar 😀

    1. I’m not sure about Psycho Pass, but I do know the vocalist is the same one from the Tokyo Ghoul OP! Signal and Unravel are some of my favorite songs to jam to during long car rides! (Since no one’s around to hear my off-pitch singing :P)

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