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Countdown to Halloween

This is my fourth year writing a Countdown to Halloween post. Does it officially count as a tradition now? I say yay! And we got to celebrate and honour traditions, don’t we!!!


Treasure Tropes

What is it about alliteration? it’s not like it’s rhyming or anything fun like that. Why do I enjoy it so? Treasure trope is a new series I’m hoping to actually keep up that where I will take a closer look at all my favourite anime tropes. Let me rephrase that, at all the anime...


Let’s All Follow Mel!

Guys!!! Apparently Mel , has something very special planned if she gets 24 more followers. I really want to know what it is – so please go follow her if you don’t already! Besides Mel is just lovely, even without the surprise she’s so much fun to follow, so really you’ll be doing yourself a...


Small Blog Schedule Update

Hello Everyone! Hows is everybody doing today? It’s a Monday, I know… I hope you’re doing as well as possible for a Monday though.  Recently, I’ve had a few projet changes to my blog. Basically, I finished my 30 day(week) challenges for Hunter x Hunter and Soul Eater as well as my glorious participation in...


And just like that, I love Mondays

I’ve already shared this on twitter but I also wanted to share it with you all, because I love you. This is the first trailer for the Natsume’s Book of Friends movie scheduled for theatrical release this September. I can’t quite explain why this means so much to me It’s Monday. I’m not a huge...


Best Podcast Yet

Happy Saturday to all!!! It’s the weekend! Once you start working that takes on such a new meaning. I hope you are taking full advantage of it. I am! I am lounging around  in bed with the Buddy, watching anime and playing on my laptop with this delicious fruit platter and crepes. The sun is just...


I Promise I’ll Be Quiet After This

About two months ago, a group of talented bloggers and all around great people gave me the chance to try something I had never done before. As a short reminder, my truly lovely Inomminate castmates are Shoujo, Leth, Scott, Hazelyn  & Remy, who I will never be able to really describe in how great they...


Karandi’s Countdown Is Over – And So Now, This

It seems I’m on a roll of reblogging posts from all my favorite bloggers but it’s their fault: the keep coming up with fantastic posts! I have been staring at Karandi’s countdown clock for months now and I’m so excited the time is finally here! Seriously, go read the whole thing guys. This is a...


Anime Seasonals 2018 – The Winter Games! (Updated Round 6)

Bragging time! I have actually spoken with The Pantless Anime Blogger. I make it a personal point to becomes friends with anyone who advertises as “pantless” so you can imagine how excited I am about this particular development. TPAB is both well-known and quite liked by the anime/blogging community at large and for very good...