Happy Saturday to all!!!

It’s the weekend! Once you start working that takes on such a new meaning. I hope you are taking full advantage of it. I am!

I am lounging around  in bed with the Buddy, watching anime and playing on my laptop with this delicious fruit platter and crepes. The sun is just creeping in and everything outside is covered with pristine white snow. So pretty! I’m just about to sink back into the covers and put on a great podcast. I bet you want to do the same, and you can!

My wonderful podcast mates got together for a fascinating discussion on their first impressions of the winter 2018 shows. This is exactly when you want to listen to a podcast like this since you have now had the chance to make up your minds and compare notes. Since I wasn’t part of it I got a chance to listen as an outsider and they did an amazing job. I considered pretending to be Zel for a while since she sounds so sweet in this. It’s clear that they are getting the hang on this.

Also they came up with the best podcast moniker oever: iNap! Let me know what you guys think! Or even better, let them know. Hope you enjoy and look forward to iNap episode 4 dedicated to DBZ!

P.S. Look forward to a great collab a little later today!!!

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  1. … I hate you a little right now… Lol! My job involves mandatory weekends, so I’m reading this in my backroom eating a cold bagel and waiting to open my store on the weekend starting March break…. You suck. 😉💖
    When I have a minute tonight I am definitely going to check out this podcast!! BEST. MONIKER. EVER!!

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