There will be no top 5 today. Instead I’m starting something new and terribly exciting over at 100word anime. If you want to read about this new project or about the possibility of those kids zip lining on makeshift equipment in the Promised Neverland, please go ahead and read it (here). I would really love your thoughts on the subject.

The promised neverland episode 3 (28)
wait you can finish this post first….

I’m psyched about this new blogging adventure and I hope it works out in the long run. We’re still in the very early stages and there will be a lot of details to work out but I’m optimistic. It’s the honeymoon stage and everything is lovey dovey.

And those of you who know me best, know that I’m a little queasy right now. Not because of the excitement and certainly not because of anything Karandi did. She has been an absolute peach as always, but because I can’t physically write for both blogs and keep up my posting schedule, I’ve decided to simply redirect to her blog whenever anything goes up. Which is fine…and means no top 5 today.

I arbitrarily decided to post Friday fives a while ago and since then I haven’t missed one. Today I will. My OCD is making me uncomfortable. Maybe in the future I might skip a day altogether only reposting here, and the thought is tying my stomach into knots.

Promised Neverland ep 1 (2)
way to be dramatic…

I’m much better with my obsessive compulsiveness than I used to be. I’m mostly on the “o” side of the spectrum and a mix of therapy and drugs has made the symptoms largely disappear. I still get a bit lost sometimes. Not being able to leave a conference room until I’ve counted all the tiles or something. Most of the time, it’s like it’s not there. I’m not mad at my OCD anymore, it’s a part of me I’ve learned to accept. I don’t embrace it though, it is still a sickness.

I’m sharing this only to make myself feel better. I knew upending my schedule would be rough on me but I feel like I’m strong enough to do it. By the way it just as arbitrarily decided to change my entire posting schedule and announce it to you, that would be no problem at all. As long as there’s a pattern. Sorry, I’m answering questions no one’s asking. I’m a little nervous.

When I found out, the post would come out on 100word anime today, I knew exactly what it all meant and I figured, go for it! You can do this! I know how dumb all of this sounds, believe me. Unless you’ve experienced it, it’s really hard to understand. Heck, I don’t even really get it. But I’m doing something that’s difficult for me. And I’m writing this post on the way to work because putting down in words makes the situation much easier for me.

The Promised Neverland Episode 5 (33)
we all deal in our own ways

I don’t expect you guys to be impressed here. There’s nothing to be impressed about. I might still crack and publish a top 5 later (at some precisely but randomly established hour). If I do, you can call me out on it. However for now I think I’ll be able to hold out, and that makes me happy. You guys are a part of that even if you don’t know it.

I also really like the post I wrote over on 100word anime. It was a blast to write as over-analyzing anime and pseudoscience is one of my favourite combos. I really want to write more like that. Ok that’s it. Please read The Promised Neverland Fact Check – Sheets

And if your brain goes a bit sideways like mine sometimes. You’re not alone. I will listen if you want to talk about it. It can and does get easier. Much love.


The Promised Neverland Episode 7 (32)
I just wanted to use this screencap cause I like it

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  1. You never think as much about things as when you decide not to do them. Stay strong and store any ideas that force themselves on you for later (if that works). I don’t have OCD, though I used to have some very mild symptoms like having to check if I locked the door (usually walking back home to do so) – luckily once was enough, though it was a pain when I was late for the train – I either had to run (and I’ve never been in physical peak condition) or not go back and face being nervous all day. That symptom just got less and less as I grew older until it went away (not sure when). So I do sort of understand what the onset might be like.

    1. I think I’m going to make it. The further we get from usual posting time, the more it feels like nothing out of the ordinary happened

  2. Sorry for upending your schedule. I know exactly how I feel when I have my work day planned and someone walks up to my desk and drops a bombshell that literally throws all my plans out the window (I don’t cope very well with the unexpected).

  3. I didn’t know you have OCD… To be honest, I think it’s not really that small to not posting something your brain is used to post every single week. Hopefully you are able to get that win today! 🙂

    Hope you the best for this new project with Karandi! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be awesome since I’ve worked with both of you and the two are really easy and fun to work with 🙂

    If it’s difficult for someone like me who doesn’t have OCD (although I probably have like a mid O, so let’s a C).

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