• Genre : Comedy, Drama, Slice of Life
  • Studio: Pierrot

We brave warriors of the Winter Games, occasionally discuss the shows among ourselves.. Discuss is a big word. We throw one liners around and wander away in the middle of conversations. Well I do. I’m get distracted by shiny objects. Early in the season, I was assured that watching adorable young characters do everyday tasks with light touches of humor was enjoyable regardless of who the characters were. I’m thinking this weeks Sanrio Boys will put that to the test.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.25.11 PM
His socks match his belt – respect!

I had already been pleasantly surprised by Grancrest when I sat down to watch this week’s Sanrio Boys and was expecting more or less the same as the last episode but in the school. I must admit I was pretty bewildered when I caught myself sincerely laughing at the opening tag. The rest of the episode kept up the fun and light mood and clearly reminded me what I had so enjoyed in episode 1.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.29.53 PM
I love Ryou’s family so much!

Hase’s classroom chums once again make a cameo appearance and once again are thoroughly delightful. The show has decided to play Hase’s rather cruel dismissive attitude towards his old friends for laughs and it works really well. I hope they keep it up.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.25.26 PM
crushing abandonment, hilarious!

The beginning of the episode plays well into my dark psychological thriller theme, as the boys all seem to be humoring a slightly frantic Hase whose going through some sort of mild existential crisis and trying to find a niche for himself. He just wants a thing he’s good at and he’s pestering of everyone else to help him find it was both adorable and funny.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.25.56 PM
leader demands obedience

When they finally hit on the idea of putting on a play for the school festival, the episode smoothly transitions into a bit of workplace manservice and more lighthearted hijinks. It’s a well-worn cliché but we do love to see a man in uniform, even if it’s a fast food uniform. There’s just something so gosh darn attractive about someone working hard.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.30.54 PM
oh that’s not going to be fun tomorrow

And the show carefully hits up all the proper tropes. Aside from the above mentioned fats food Yuu, Shuu and the Prez both get to show off their strong physic as movers, Ryo is adorable as a high-class waiter complete with bow tie and Hase was an endless source of amusement as the most awkwardly broish life guard ever. Those sunglasses are everything! Let me just mention this here, Shuu came up with the perfect suggestion at the very last-minute and did so quite stoically (cough, cough)

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.31.31 PM
I’m begining to suspect Shu is a genius

This weeks episode stayed as far away as possible from even the slightest hint of drama and that proved to be very much in its favour. The clearly comedic tone of the episode suited both characters and unassuming story line perfectly. This is really what they should have been doing all along. We even saw the return of Yuu’s sister and it was funny and pleasant, managing to throw in a touch of brotherly over protectiveness.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.28.52 PM
best first date ever!

Structurally, this episode was a prototypical school slice of life. All the familiar elements were there and clearly recognizable. You could argue that the entire thing was pretty shallow. You would be right. You would also be arguing for deep emotional or intellectual depth in a show that’s openly a fanservicy commercial for cutesy merchandise so maybe your debate skills could be put to better use.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.32.13 PM
you have to love those tan lines

Sanorio boys did exactly what it was supposed to do this week. It made me smile and even laugh a bit. It reminded me that Sanrio characters exist and that I could purchase merchandise of them but it didn’t insist on it (in fact it was quite light on the product placement this week). I will most likely forget about it in the next few days but when next weeks episode becomes available, I will be happy to watch it again.

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.26.23 PM
available now!

Much like Grancrest, the fact that I found the episode enjoyable means that I didn’t spend my time misinterpreting it in my head. I really liked the alternate dark thriller I was putting together… Man I am just never happy, am I?

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 2.27.12 PM
you should be worried, Ryou


We know that next week is a beach episode so… manservice???

Plot: One of the boy’s can’t swim

Character: Ryou will try to get Sei’s attention.

I am really curious to see if Astral Gemini, Leap and TPAB, liked this episode. From what I know this is the type of thing they usually really go for so I assume they at least didn’t hate it. Anywho, I can’t wait to see!

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12 thoughts

  1. The Dawnstrom ranking of who would be the most hilarious non-swimmer:

    (1) Shunsuke (I sooo want to see him play it cool)
    (2) Seiichiro
    (3) Ryou (don’t worry, sempai will teach you)
    (4) Yuu
    (5) Kouta (though his job as life guard would have been a tad irresponsible)

    Seriously, all three shows had okay episodes this week, though none stood out for me.

  2. Let’s go back to the psychological thriller. Hase is such an odd character and it just threw me when he genuinely had no idea beyond an obsessive desire to sparkle. I didn’t come back from that throw and just kind of watched most of this episode in a state of disbelief.
    Still, glad you had a good time this week. I’m really hoping though that they don’t pull the one of the boys can’t swim in the ocean thing. One of my least favourite tropes in anime.

      1. I’m honestly shuddering at the thought. If there’s a near drowning I am going to drop the show. I really dislike watching that in any show and I’m not invested enough in this one to deal with a drowning.

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