It seems I’m on a roll of reblogging posts from all my favorite bloggers but it’s their fault: the keep coming up with fantastic posts! I have been staring at Karandi’s countdown clock for months now and I’m so excited the time is finally here! Seriously, go read the whole thing guys. This is a great idea and a really fun way to support a fellow blogger not to mention just get a great treat for yourselves at the same time! I have been making my way through my copy and it’s a really great read (even though we don’t always agree…)

2 thoughts

  1. See….I rest my case here. Told you yesterday on Twitter that you don’t seem to know how awesome you are…this pretty much proves it again 😊😊
    I could not agree with you more by the way! Just bought a copy myself (for a change I could buy it as it was available for me on I-books. Usually here in Holland things are off limits). But…flipped a bit through it (going to really read it in earnest of course), but it looks great. Karandi did a terrific job, and it’s something to be truly proud of 😊😊

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