It seems I’m on a roll of reblogging posts from all my favorite bloggers but it’s their fault: the keep coming up with fantastic posts! I have been staring at Karandi’s countdown clock for months now and I’m so excited the time is finally here! Seriously, go read the whole thing guys. This is a great idea and a really fun way to support a fellow blogger not to mention just get a great treat for yourselves at the same time! I have been making my way through my copy and it’s a really great read (even though we don’t always agree…)


And we’ve finally reached January 31st and the end of the countdown that has been going on for quite awhile now so it is finally time to make some announcements.

Eva Launch!


Oh, that’s not quite right. That would be cool, but unfortunately budget cuts have meant that the Eva program just isn’t getting off the ground (that was a joke).

Let’s try again.

Book Launch!

Thoughts on Anime

The first, and most significant reason for the countdown, is that I have compiled some of my posts from last year into an ebook that is now available for purchase. At the moment it is only available from here for $3.99 however hopefully if I can sort out a few final formatting issues it will also be available from some more standard online book sellers – if that happens I will link those in. (And some good news on that front, just waiting on…

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2 thoughts

  1. See….I rest my case here. Told you yesterday on Twitter that you don’t seem to know how awesome you are…this pretty much proves it again 😊😊
    I could not agree with you more by the way! Just bought a copy myself (for a change I could buy it as it was available for me on I-books. Usually here in Holland things are off limits). But…flipped a bit through it (going to really read it in earnest of course), but it looks great. Karandi did a terrific job, and it’s something to be truly proud of 😊😊

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