Hello Everyone!

Hows is everybody doing today? It’s a Monday, I know… I hope you’re doing as well as possible for a Monday though.

 Recently, I’ve had a few projet changes to my blog. Basically, I finished my 30 day(week) challenges for Hunter x Hunter and Soul Eater as well as my glorious participation in the Winter Games! Those were all really fun and I’m really glad to have tried them out, but I think I’m ready for something new.

 The question is: WHAT?

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I’m not panicking…

Posting every day has a certain number of challenges, chief among them is inspiration… Since I do not normally do episode reviews, coming up with 7 posts a week isn’t always easy. I don’t want to drown you in inane nonsense (I keep the nonsense posts to 3 a week) and as such the prompts from the challenges, and the timed regular episodes were a very useful tool. I have been fishing around for ideas to replace those posts and here’s what I came up with:

Mondays: Eulogies – I often get attached to characters that can be considered supporting at best and and don’t get much love from the plot, for some reason. By that I mean they tend to die… a lot… I’m not sure what’s up with that. If you’re fictional, my love is pure poison! By way of appology, I thought I would remember these fine people in a series of short character studies dedicated to my favorite hard-luck extras.

Tuesdays to Thursdays: Same old – these would remain a mix of series and occasional visual novel reviews, essays, collaborations and OWLS posts. This said, if there’s something you would like to see instead (or more/less of) please let me know. I’m happy to try things out.

Fridays: Friday Five – on Twitter, you guys told me that Top 5 lists where what you wanted to see. I get it, I love reading those too! I’ll give it my best but I’m a little intimidated by the venture. Better and more imaginative bloggers than me already put out top lists on a regular basis so I doubt I’ll have much to bring…But I’ll try my bestest!

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my usual Friday plans…

Saturdays: Insecurity – I never told you this guys, but I have always reserved Saturdays for posts that I’m a little insecure about. Either because I think some of you may get opinionated about the subject or because I am not entirely confident I did the piece justice, but I still wanted to publish the post. I feel more ready for negative feedback on the weekends! This doesn’t mean that ALL my Saturday pieces fall into that category, sometimes I’ve written nothing but harmless fluff all week, so the Saturday post is in line with the rest but if there’s a piece I was hesitant to publish, most likely I will do so on a Saturday…

Sunday: Fun day – One thing I took away from the Winter Games is how much fun rewriting Sanrio Boys as a grim psychological thriller was. 3 episodes a week is a bit much for me but I’d like to keep the fun of completely misinterpreting a series on purpose. And so, on Sundays, I will keep failing to grasp what’s going on in Grancrest for you guys and pick up another show to essentially rewrite. Hopefully you will have as much fun with it as I do.

And that’s it. Until they add another day of the week that is. I hope you will continue to indulge me as you have. I love sharing my days with you guys!

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we are going to have the best time!


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  1. I should probably think about schedules too.. consistency and planning…oh no I’m drifting off .. Nope. Not there yet. But glad you have your post plan! Will be looking forward to it (maybe my mundays can be cured) and that friday list too ^^

  2. My posting game has been alright I’ve managed to always stick to my schedule as my blog becomes top priorty but seriously you go girl !!! I want to get there myself posting more right now it’s three times a week. But I just write whatever feels right XD

    1. I noticed – You are so on your A game lately Lita. And we are all grateful for it as well! Love me more Lita posts to read

  3. Looking forward to your new stuff! Organisation is really helpful. Just having my Wednesdays set aside for Waifu Wednesday gives me a nice feeling of structure to my writing week.

  4. Top 5 looks fun. Top 5 inanimate objects. Top 5 silly character names. Top 5 winter scenery. Top 5 talking cats…

    Eulogies is interesting, too.

    I wonder whether I should reserve a day for the screenshot guessing game? It’s rather hard, since it’s pointless with series reviews. Maybe Saturday, and if not applicable, the next applicable day?

    This posts’s easy (he says and makes an emberrassing mistake): Kill Me Baby – The World God Only Knows – Seven Deadly Sins (the Shounen, not the ecchi) – Isshukan Friends

    1. Not even a challenge huh…. I’m still going to have a bunch of essay posts maybe I should pick random end pic for al m posts…

      1. All were instant recognitions. The World God Only Knows was followed by a very brief and rather weak moment of doubt. Kill Me Baby and Isshukan Friends are favourites.

  5. I am always envious of people who can keep to schedules XD. I have tried many times but never seem to be able to stick to one (I’m starting to think my relationship with schedules is ending…or did it ever begin?! A one sided love?!)

    I look forward to reading this new batch of posts. Especially the eulogy posts (for the ones I can read) for I am always fascinated by looks at characters. As well as the Saturday posts as its usually the ones we are most insecure about that we put a lot into.

  6. You make me feel so lazy when it comes to this blogging thing, Irina. Sheesh.

    I’m glad you haven’t had a burn out yet and these ideas look fun!

  7. I have been wondering what would be next. I really like the eulogy idea, I just hope it doesn’t spoil me on anything. I also can’t wait to see what you misinterpret and I hope I can follow along with your new pick, since I’m not starting Grancrest now.

    1. It’s actually a little lighter than before since it’s less episode posts. I’m sure you’ll come back, you’ll miss us too much…and we’ll miss you way way too much

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