There are very few traditions here on I Drink and Watch Anime. Well, besides drinking and watching anime. And the drinking is optional. This isn’t a very structured place…

But there is one tradition that is very near and dear to me. And that is my yearly countdown to Halloween. What can I say, I was always a fan of a holiday that involved people giving me candy and not being allowed to make fun of my clothes for once.

I always loved Haloween. I loved the creepy ghouly aspect of it. I loved the camp. I love the fact that it doesn’t really make much sense and isn’t associated with anything really. Yes, there are old harvest rituals and such on which it was build but nowadays you wouldn’t exactly call it a cultural or religious event. It’s just a day where we all agreed to we could all act like kids and play dress up and have chocolate for diner. That’s my kind of holiday!

And so I still get unreasonably excited about it and celebrate in every way I can. On my blog, I will be covering some spooooooky manga and anime. We got Garo, Akame ga Kill, Burn the Witch, Tokyo Ghoul and even Godzilla for some monster fun! Also Kuro and Dai Dark for your creepy manga needs.

I will once again walk you through how to make mediocre but cheap costumes based on this year’s most popular anime and we’ll talk about why you should be dressing up as a catgirl/boy! Basically, it’s going t be a great countdown and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

In the meantime, in case you absolutely need some Halloween-inspired posts right away, here are the countdowns of the past years!

Countdown to Halloween 2020

Countdown to Halloween 2019

Countdown to Halloween 2018:

Countdown to Halloween 2017:

I hope I get to do one more of these next year. It’s always fun to spend Halloween with you guys!

Don’t eat too much candy and remember to have fun. Ok, eat as much candy as you want!

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