I’ve already shared this on twitter but I also wanted to share it with you all, because I love you.

This is the first trailer for the Natsume’s Book of Friends movie scheduled for theatrical release this September.

I can’t quite explain why this means so much to me

It’s Monday. I’m not a huge fan of Mondays. It’s still cold and of course I have a cold. The snow has that ugly dirty muddy cover and my boots are making my entrance hall a mess. I have so much work I haven’t had time to stop and figure out why it’s not as fun as it use to be. I should do that soon. I’m tired – I need a vacation, It will soon be a year since my last one.

My schedule is conspiring to keep me out of the few hours of light we get. Thankfully we’re starting to have actual days again but I can’t wait to get a sunburn.

And now I have this short tiny preview for a movie that will probably never come out where I live. The animation looks nice but no different from the series, really. I can’t tell what it’s about.

And I get to share it with you all.

I’m really happy.

I like Mondays:

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  1. It’s next monday already, but I hope you’re feeling better!
    (You did have some good news though right? A new anime movie especially Ntsume is awesome~)
    New chapters release on Monday, so I’m fine….
    See? I’m a simple girl ^^

  2. I’m so happy to see thiiiiiiiiss, I started hunting for info and seems there will be a lot of stuff going on to celebrate Natsume’s 10th anniversary. I needed something like this to cheer me up T___T Thank you Irinaaa!!. Btw, more or less what i got from that clip is that they were talking about the typical “since I was a kid I’ve seen weird things blablabla” then nyanko warning him not to get in trouble, then Natsume asking someone if she knew Reiko and nyanko getting pissed because he got involved again and basically Natsume’s story in a nutshell. I think I love Mondays too <3

  3. Video content is not available in your country… It’s fine. I’m okay with not getting Natsume content. I’m not going to spend the next hour of my life hunting down a version of this that isn’t region locked.

  4. Scientists: “My god, we’ve done it!….We’ve created….Anti-Garfield! *thunder clap*”

    Thank you for sharing a bit of joy and warmth on this chilly March Monday. ❤

        1. oh – it might be a regional expression. It’s when everything just feels bleh because the weekend is over. When you aren’t feeling it and you just wanna go play – you got a case of the Mundays…

  5. Let’s hope that the fact that it’s a movie will allow Shuka to improve production quality to at least the level of the first seasons by Brains Base.

      1. It’s true that Natsume never boasted of incredible animation and while it doesn’t necessarily need that (the story can carry the show no matter what) I feel that Shuka could be doing so much more.

        1. Agreed. They are still quite limited on ressources but considering the improvement between 5 and 6, I’m hopeful for the future

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