Join Irina for her latest musings on Pet. Episode 7 continues to intrigue.

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I changed the feature image structure for the post on 100 Word Anime because I found a fish background and I couldn’t resist. Can you blame me? It’s a bit too relaxing for the spirit of the show but I like it.

Also Mei looks really adorable there!

I do like the character designs in Pet. I like them a lot in fact and I can’t really explain why. But I have to admit that the art style is so inconsistent with those designs that I occasionally have trouble recognizing characters. Inconsistent character designs can be used as a type of visual storytelling and to a show’s advantage (but it’s really hard to do right!). However, if it ends up confusing your audience, that’s never a good thing. And it’s even worse if it’s a convoluted hard to follow narrative to begin with.

Long story short, Mei looked like 3 different people in the opening act.

This show is so weird. Random unexplained nudity is unexplained. I watched this whole scene and although one guy has a decent body and little Mei might appeal to a certain demographic, the action was framed in such a way that it couldn’t possibly have been fanservice. And there’s not need at all for these characters to be naked. Even if you stretch it they could and even should have at least been wearing swimsuits. But nope, they’re all naked and the weirdness makes me happy.

I get that Tsukasa has gone through a lot which is why he looks so different but he looked fine in the pet shop at the beginning of the episode. When did his hair go grey? Anywho, I guess I can forgive that inconsistency but what’s with Hiroki’s angry face. It’s hilarious!

For the most part, this episode was a lot brighter than the average episode of Pet. I liked that a lot. I think this show looks better in a brighter palette. Or maybe it’s just me trying to force the narrative away from melodrama.

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