It’s hard to believe we’re already at the penultimate episode of Spy x Family, isn’t it? Well for this cour at least. Good thing we have another one to look forward to! But the season really flew by. My resolution to only watch anime I like makes 12 episodes just vanish!

I hope all of you are enjoying this show as much as I am. It’s been such a treat being able to share it with you guys through these posts!

I did mention that this was going to be one of my favourite episodes and it didn’t disappoint. the episode itself stayed very close to the manga without a lot of added material like in some past episodes but that’s also good since I love this part in the manga.

I’m not going to lie, this part made me tear up when I read it the first time. Anya had been trying so hard and as funny as it was to see her wreak havoc through that hospital, I still wanted her to have a win.

This said, I really appreciate that Loid, (her papa as Anya would put it) is making a big effort not to push her too hard. Sure he tries to make her study and that seems like a pretty normal thing for a parent to do, I mean those grades were painful. I liked that Yor was calling a “7” a good grade even though it was clearly a fail. But through it all, Loid’s stance always goes back to finding what Anya is good at and nurturing her talent, instead of imposing one on her. That’s a very healthy attitude. Anya may be too young to appreciate it fully, but I do think a big part of what she’s responding to, and why she tries so hard to make her papa happy, is that she can tell he wants the best for her. At this point, she might be able to tell even more than he can.

So when it all goes down, when Anya, all panicky runs off with a flimsy excuse (because no one can know she’s a telepath) to save someone, I was all ready to cheer for her. To proclaim Anya the superhero. But of course, it’s not that easy. How would a child that has lived so far in labs and orphenages have learned how to swim? Why would she be able to pull someone out of the water the first time when she jumped in with all her clothes. Clothes are heavy when they get soaked. But of course, her papa was there to save her.

And you know. That’s better. Spy x Family has not exactly been subtle in the pro-family messaging. These characters are better with each other and because of each other. So having Loid save her and establish once again that Anya can count on him was great. But what was better was that Anya was still the hero. Loid didn’t lose it because she went off and jumped into a swimming pool putting herself in danger. He told her to be more careful but only after telling her, she had done a good thing.

Any also got her first star. Isn’t it more impressive this way than winning at a game of dodgeball? Getting those stars has been the whole focus of the season. And yet, this episode makes it almost an afterthought. A short scene that pales in comparison to the rest and ultimately doesn’t even change the story that much. Because saving someone is more important.

But that’s not what gets to me. That’s not what made me tear up the first time and again when I was watching the episode today. It’s the scene of the kid coming to thank them in his wheelchair whit his parents. That gets to me every time. And while I’m still all fragile, they give me the heart-melting moment with both Yor and Loid openly showering Anya with real love and pride. That’s a low blow. How am I supposed to keep my eyes dry after that!

As if that wasn’t enough. The last third of the episode had Anya’s continuous plans for world peace. It’s a running gag I particularly appreciate. I love the fact that in her fantasies, Damian always explicitly invites her dad as well. The wording of it is just hilarious to me.

And we get to see dogs! I love dogs. I don’t like the scene in the kennels, and I never will but I do like Bond very much. I wasn’t sure where the episode would cut off so I didn’t know if we would see the whole family together for the first time. I like that part as well. I should stop this, I like too many parts.

This said, from what I saw in the previews, it seems I get my wish. I think that they are going to animate the aquarium chapter for the last episode. Depending on how they go about it, it could take the entire episode which means that we will only get Bond’s full introduction at the start of the ext cour. I have to say, I think that’s smart. It’s a good place to stop for a while. It also makes Bond sort of a cliffhanger to make people want to tune in next time. Although if you’ve watched all of the first cour, I can’t imagine you not wanting to tune in for the rest. I know I will be waiting for it eagerly.

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  1. Isn’t a lot of Anya’s grade problem that she is really a year too young to go there? Without mind reading she’d be totally lost.

    Children and dogs belong together.

    1. Yes, that’s a big part of it. She’s one or two years too young and she’s not all that studious either.

  2. I loved the episode. Anya trying so hard to reach the kid… And yes, them coming to thank her was so nice to see.

    I liked the way Anya asks Damian if he has a dog, and then listens in on his non-response, and then chooses the reward as a strategy (which she doesn’t reveal). Her plans are always so optimistic and never quite pan out.

    I personally feel it’s a little weird to see our first glimpse of the dog and not to see him again until the start of the next cour, but it’s hardly a deal breaker. I’m definitely excited about the proper introduction. He does seem like a pretty smart dog; not making a ruckus and paying attention like that.

    In any case, since episode 1 there was never any question that I’d watch cour 2 (at first because I didn’t know there’d be one, admittedly, but if I’d known, there still wouldn’t have been any question about it – it’s just too much fun).

    1. I could be wrong, the might spliyt next episdoe between the aquarium and Bond’s full introduction.

  3. This episode was great! Anya was such a brave little peanut, so glad she had her papa to back her up! I loved Yor’s idea of what a family dog is like! So funny! Can’t wait to get doggo intro!

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