It’s been a while so I figured for Halloween, I’d suggest some nice spoopy webtoons for you all. There are in fact quite a few amazing Horror webtoons out there and most of them are super popular. I figure most of you have heard of them already. So I decided to pick something a bit more unusual: Kuro.

If any of you had already read Kuro, let me know in the comments. I’d love to talk about it!

Why I Started Kuro

The only reason I even heard about Kuro was that I watched and enjoyed Shadows House a lot. When the season was winding down, I figured I would look into the manga it was based on and AniList said that Kuro was similar! (It’s from the same author) Since the image intrigued me, I decided to give it a read!

Official Summary

As the sole inhabitant of an enormous mansion, Coco would be utterly alone if not for her beloved black cat Kuro. Although he has his quirks, the two are an inseparable pair and enjoy fun-filled adventures on a daily basis.

Lulled into bliss by these idyllic days, Coco is completely unaware of the harrowing reality that surrounds her. For everyone else in her town, life is filled with dread and unease. They fear the sinister forces enveloping their town, but they are also afraid of Coco and Kuro. Ignorant of the situation, Coco lives out her peaceful days with Kuro, but her days of blissful ignorance may be quickly coming to an end…

My First Impression

Oh wow, it’s full colour… I’m easy to impress. For the record not all the strips are full colour but most of them are. The extras are usually in black and white.

What is Kuro anyways?

There is something that really spoke to me about Kuro. For the record, I ended up enjoying it more than the Shadows House manga (maybe not the anime…). For a long time, Kuro is a sweet Slice of Life 4 koma about a girl and her kitty. Kuro the cat and Coco the girl play together. Coco wants to draw something but Kuro is sitting on the paper. There’s another fat cat that’s bullying Kuro. Coco and Kuro go for a bike ride but Kuro falls out of the basket. It wasn’t entirely unlike Wonder Cat Kyu-Chan.

But the devils are in the details. As Coco is putting her socks on, behind her back large monsters loom out the window. When Coco goes into town to buy some provisions, the crowds of people seem to quietly scuttle away from her. And for a long time, that’s how it is. Nothing in the comic itself would land it on a Halloween reading list (except for Kuro, that’s clearly not a cat) but there are all these little things. And questions that start to pile up.

Why is Coco, who is clearly a small child, living alone in a huge mansion? How did her parents die? Her parents were a florist and a teacher yet they amassed a huge fortune. What are those flowers that Coco still cultivates and why is the doctor the one buying them. Oh yeah, and why is the world full of monsters that will devour you if you leave the road? How come Coco can’t see them when everyone else does?

I got sucked into the mysteries of Kuro just as much as I got charmed by the easy pace and cute little adventures. It’s a story full of monsters, nightmares and tragedies, with a very warm heart.

A big thank you to Casper who helped me find all the chapters!

10 thoughts

  1. This reminds me of a Webtoon I was reading before they limited people to 3 chapters a day. “Little Clinic of Horrors” I believe(I know the “Clinic Of Horrors ” part was definitely the name). I was REALLY into that Webtoon- even though I only got into them because of the “Tower Of God” anime.
    I really like this art work- it also reminds me of the cancelled Jump series “Phantom Seer.” I wish they had given that series more of a chance.
    I like the concept of a kid and their pet- it’s a very wholesome type of storyline. And I really like Kuro’s design- even though I normally don’t really like Cats. Honestly; I’m more of a Lizard guy.
    I might check it out- thank you for the recommendation!

  2. Love Kuro! I read Kuro at the same time as Shadow House, and I was in goth cuteness heaven! Though, I think Kuro is a bit cuter than SH. Hmm, as for which one I like better. . . it’s really hard to choose. I kind of like them equally but for different reasons.

    1. I wasn’t crazy about the pacing of the SH manga. Maybe it’s because I was already sold t the anime…

      1. Oh, I read the SH manga quite a bit before the anime came out, so when I think of SH I usually only think of the manga version. I guess you’re right, the pacing was a bit odd. Particularly in the beginning of the manga, it took me a few chapters to figure out what was going on.

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