Finally some backstory on Richard – that and some gem scammers. The Case Files of Jeweler Richard continue to roll along in a very low key manner and Irina and Karandi discuss the latest happenings.

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This was a good episode for screencaps. And a fun episode to chat about. And maybe a fun episode to read about? Cough link above cough.

There are actually tons of shots of Richard’s crossed legs in this show. It’s a common scene in every episode, like a prudish gender-swapped version of the upskirt shot. It’s a little hilarious in how useless it is. I like it.

I’m also relieved that we got back to attractive female character designs! Sorry, I’m letting it go now. maybe

I really like Seigi’s derpy faces. He’s my favourite when he looks goofy.

Karandi mentioned liking Richard’s hair strand which I just hate. Goes to show you, beauty’s in the eye of the beholder.

As you can see, this sequence is where I focused all my screengrabbing on because…I mean.. c’mon. Even without context or dialogue, it’s hilarious. Both of their outfits are terribly dated, the pretty boy designs clash with how silly the clothes look and the way too bold colours. Somehow Richard sprouted two little fringe fangs cause he cannot exist without hair on his face. I like the slicked back look though. I’m not complaining.

Richar’s car in a bit too classy for the situation I think. They should have swapped it out for the General Lee just for that one scene with no explanation whatsoever.

If you haven’t seen the episode and are wondering what all these weird screencaps are about, let’s just say, whatever you’re imagining, you’re probably right!

The backgrounds look so plain and boring in contrast with the characters. Mind you this show isn’t great with backgrounds in general. They really lack flair and visual interest.

Not gonna lie, evil Richard is my cup o character design. Best he’s looked all season. This is not a very profound comment on the visuals of the episode. Oh well… More pretty boy screencap!

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  1. I agree about evil Richard. He comes into his own.

    Fun goofy episode, as long as you don’t think too much.

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