Ladies and Gentlemen, we made it to the end… the Platinum End. I have to be honest with you guys, I’m not even sure if that was sopposed to be a joke. But we did it. The season is over and if nothing else, I have to give it to Platinum End, it sure has a decisive ending!

I’m going to spoil everything. If you haven’t watched the last episode, be warned now. I’m going to tell everyone how it ends. No one can stop me!

I’m not sure when this production ran out of budget but they could have saved a little for the finale at least. I mean just look at Mirai and Saki. Those are the two main characters and their models are so wobbly I hardly recognized them. In fact, most characters were looking as if they were wearing discount knock-off cosplay of themselves. Poor Revel has seen better days! ‘Cmon, you gotta leave on a high!

Oh well, let’s spoil that ending shall we. Oh first, let’s spoil my thoughts about it. I liked it! No really. The actual plot at the end there, well I think it’s the most fun I’ve had with Platinum End. I really enjoyed it. The suicidal kid, faced with the huge amount of injustice and suffering in the world kills himself (cause suicidal) and god dying wipes out everything else. Love it. It’s so ridiculous and mean. It renders all the events of the show moot.

I still would have loved to see Yuri as God. Seeing as she adapts so superbly to her changing circumstances, I bet she would have made for a surprising god but the tradeoff is good. And lab assistant Yuri was the best part of the episode for me anyways. I’m glad I didn’t miss that.

Although I very much liked how the story ends, in traditional Platinum End fashion, it was presented in the dullest way possible, all things considered. If I cared more about the characters I probably would have enjoyed seeing snippets of what happened to them but honestly, Mirainad Saki’s relationship is like watching paint dry for me.

The musings on the injustice of life was a bit too shallow and frankly quaint to be of interest, Mirai’s last big speech was about as nsightful as all his previous speeches and the weird post destruction text sounded might have been meant to sound profound but just wasn’t.

When it comes right down to it, for me the big issue is that PLatinum End never fully realized that it was a slapstick comedy. And it could have been a brilliant absurdist little number. Sadly, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was taking itself seriously and it sort of ruined it for me. Oh well.

Still, I have to give it to the show. That was one heck of a final episode. I wish they had made it 5 minutes long. Just the punch sandwiched between the two credits. Now that would have really brought everything to another level!

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  1. If all life disappears, starting with the youngest, then the first things to go would be all the bacteria, which includes your intestinal flora and others. You’re really lucky the pace is so quick; it could get quite unpleasant if time streched out a little more… I do sort of appreciate the ending. God kills himself and all life disappears is a nice concept in a way. In a different story…

    I’m not going to miss the show.

  2. I was expecting more from the manga but there’s nothing in there either. You gotta give it to the adaptation, it was really faithful but that also means that the manga is the same, boring and a drag atleast for me personally.

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