Sadly this week’s episode of Platinum End was nowhere near as funny as last week’s. I still giggled at Mirai’s random premonition but that was mostly because of how out of nowhere and non-sequitur it was. I guess that explosion was kind of funny as well. Oh and Mirai got all high and mighty with his speech about how morally reprehensive it was to make “criminals and murderers out of children” when Nanato offered him a gun. I guess he forgot he already killed his aunt and uncle for revenge and has a white arrow which is the equivalent of a gun at all times.

Hmm, I guess it was kind of funny. Just not that fun.

Here’s a question for all you boys and girls that have been paying closer attention to PLatinum End than I have. What does Saki do? I’m actually curious. Cause as far as I can tell, we could just replace her with a lamp and nothing would change. Well, the lighting would be better. Does she do anything? Will she ever do something? At this point, I would b happy if she served tea or ordered pizza or something.

I guess if Saki becomes God in the end, it won’t change all that much. Just a real hands-off sort of god and not everybody is sure whether they exist or not.

Al in all I would say this episode was just sort of boring. They introduced some low-grade fanservice but since this art style isn’t really my thing I wasn’t all that interested. Once more Metropoliman had a devious plan that seems short-sighted once you think it over.

Actually, to be honest I did like the basic idea. Use the red arrow on another candidate and then turn her into a weapon and lure, to get to other candidates. Worst case scenario you’ll at least get rid of her. But blowing her up as soon as one candidate shows up is probably the least efficient and most cost-intensive way to go bout it. It pretty much guarantees you won’t be able to get more than one person in the trap, it sacrifices your weapon, it forces you to acquire a bomb and blowing up in an open space considering your target has lightspeed wings to take them out of there. I don’t know man. Doesn’t sound like you’ve thought this through. Maybe go with plan B instead.

Also, I totally don’t believe this. Just like I was sure Mirai wouldn’t give himself away to save the little girl. Remember that little girl? I just don’t believe Nanato is dead. Not for one second.

And this bothers me. At 12:11, Nanato goes to visit Mirai and Saki in her room and enters through the balcony as usual. He knocks before because he’s a good guy. And Reel says something about him knocking 6 times just because he has “six” in his name. In fact here you go, I took a screencap of it:


But his name is Nanato Mukaido. I even looked it up just in case I was missing something and that’s his name, exactly as it’s spelled in English. There’s no roku in there anywhere. Is it written with a symbol that looks like 6 in Japanese? Maybe… All I know is that his name is Nanato and nana is seven. Clearly I’m missing the joke and it’s bugging me. I bet it’s the symbol…

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  1. Honestly, this might have been my least favourite episode so far. Killer girl is probably my least favourite element, so far. The best thing about the show are the angels. They’re nearly all camp fun. The humans? None of them make any sense to me. I’m this close to dropping the show; not quite yet, though.

  2. “Roku” is one of the ways to read the kanji for six, “mu” is another.

    The latter’s used for counting most things, alongside the particle “tsu”, which is a generic stand-in for “item”. When the grocery shop obaasan asks our teenage heroes how many popsicles they wanna get, you’ll hear them say “hitotsu” / “futatsu” / “mitsu” — as opposed to “ichi” / “ni” / “san”.

    For example, how many shots is Ramon willing to give Platinum End? Unfortunately, the answer is “muttsu”. Welcome to the dropped list.

    As for “kai” and “do”, they’re both ways to tally a number of occurrences, or “times” as the dickless angel says. (Although they’re typically accompanied by variations of “roku”, not “mu”.)

    My main takeaway is, even the wordplay’s kind of bland.

  3. I’m finding this series less impressive by the episode (and wasn’t hugely blown away by the opening but thought it had more potential than this). And yeah, the bad guy’s traps suck and yet these characters keep being surprised by them.

    1. I’m not sure if there’s something lost in adaptation because it really just feels like I’m missing something

    1. I’m pretty sure that Mukaido handed them weapons for self defense. This said, the show is so bad with giving Mirai any sort of consistency that I’m not sure I could properly discern his motivation. Like the uncle and aunt thing, I guess he didn’t know what the outcome would be but he also said he wanted to kill them.

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