I always wanted to try out the 100-word review format. actually have technically tried it a few times it’s just that it ended up closer to 500 words somehow. I have to work on being concise. However, I think this episode might be just what I needed to finally succeed!

Basically because I have nothing to say…

I ended my last post n The Devil is a Part-Timer! 2 by saying: I guess it’s just back to fighting Gabe next week? Turns out this was a bold statement on my part because seemingly that is not at all what they are doing. Instead, they are going to work for a short time with the relative f an acquaintance while McRonads is still being renovated. And if you thought, wait, isn’t that exactly what just happened in the last few episodes, you are not alone, I was thinking the same thing. I thought it was a nice change that the meaner ladies and Alas Ramus weren’t here though as at least that was different…

Yeah, they showed up a few minutes in. Just like last time. And there seems to be some sort of monster on the outskirts of the farm, just like.. well you get the drift. So let’s see if next week breaks the pattern.

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  1. If it weren’t for the screenshots I’d not have remembered what happened. Random comment boar and bear are, in English though not in Japanese, both four letter words that start with b and end with r. So for a moment I thought I misread and Grandma got knocked down by a bear… I wonder if something is driving critters from their accustomed feeding grounds?

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