I’m not gonna lie, Platinum End was one of the series I was looking forward to this season and now I’m not so sure anymore. I’ll be honest guys, I did not like this first episode very much. Well, I didn’t hate it either, that’s why I didn’t drop the whole thing but I’m wary at this point.

As some of you may suspect, the intense duhrama of this episode wasn’t really my thing. But that wasn’t the main issue. Platinum End caught my interest in the first place because it reminded me of Angel Sanctuary. I read it when I was a kid and loved it. Now Angel Sancturay is a hot tragic mess of a soap opera but as an emo kid it was up my alley and now, I’m enjoying it on the unintentionally hilarious level.

That’s what I was hoping to get from Platinum End as well. However, I have a sinking feeling that the show may take itself a smidge too seriously to ever really be fun. Also, I found the dialogue slightly tedious this week. I understand that they needed to get a lot of exposition out of the way but it could have been done better.

That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy any part of it. Nasse is a great element. She (he?) is both the comic relief and the wild card. For most of the episode, I was entirely convinced that Mirai was getting played in some way. That this so-called angel was hiding something and more likely to dom his soul than save it.

But then again, if you think about it, the last act explained the actual set-up of the show. A likely free for all where all 13 candidates (12 now?) will try to take each other out to obtain the coveted position of God. Assuming that we are loosely following Christian dogma here. Is dogma the right word? I don’t want to use mythos cause it seems a bit rude. Anyways…if angels are an extension of God’s will and do not have their own will, then without a God the angels would not have a moral compass either and simply act according to efficiency. Which is what Nasse was doing. So maybe everything is exactly as she said.

Personally, I still hope she has something up her sleeve though. Mostly because I think that would make the story a bit more exciting.

I figure Platinum End has two possible paths to take this season. It strays from the established set-up and I’m completely wrong and it’s full of surprises. Or it actually goes the Battle Royal/Mirai Nikki route and we are in for buckets of animated blood. Either way, I would likely enjoy it if it starts featuring some well-choreographed action to take away from the drama. It could also lean into the melodrama so hard that it becomes funny. I guess I’ll see where it goes.

Have you guys seen Platinum End? Did you enjoy the first episode more than I did?

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  1. I didn’t like it much, either, but I’m sort of curious. Little makes sense. When he was flying, I thought he’s now going to commit suicide by freezing to death? It’s gotta be cold up there, and at that speed… Maybe the wings keep him warm? And I’m not sure a love arrow would automatically make people do whatever you want. That’s not how “love” (whatever that is in terms of that arrow) works. Then that car explodes (really, really hard; I wonder what they used; a nuke?), but we get a bloody cap? Maybe a wire trap decapitated the little one before the explosion, so there could be something to bloody ot find? It’s just so… stupid?

    Messy is the perfect way to describe it.

    1. It was a huge but wonderfully contained explosion. Nothing outside the car seemed to get damaged at all. Maybe it was an implosion? Ok… so maybe if I watched this with you I would enjoy it. The comment is certainly a lot more fun than the episode was

  2. I was looking forward to Platinum End very much and I do believe that it was messy start but I’m going to keep on believing because it’s the creators of Death Note, I’m hoping they have something up their sleeve to turn this around

  3. To be honest I have not heard great noises coming from the manga readers. Now I don’t like making judgements based purely on what others have said but I think it would be prudent to manage your expectations. From what I have seen, trailers wise at least, the series is going to be serious and will not go down the comedy route in any significant fashion. Therefore, expect this to pan out like Mirai Nikki or series of a similar ilk. Whether it can live up to that standard is another question.

  4. I haven’t seen this or read the manga. I was surprised with the art style in the anime because this doesn’t look like Takeshi Obata’s art style translated will like how it worked with Hikaru no Go and Death Note. Hopefully things can improve from there.

  5. I haven’t been able to watch the series- I’ve been a little busy catching up on everything I missed while I was away. But seeing as it’s a series from the creators of “Death Note-” a series I greatly enjoyed; I’m super hyped for it.
    I don’t know about a “Big Twist,” but you just presented me with a theory about the ending: say Mirai DOES become God- powers and all. Including the JOB. Have you seen the movie “Bruce Almighty?” If not; I won’t spoil you on it. But it may end with a similar lesson and similar problem.
    Nasse sounds a lot like Ryuk- a neutral element in the series……for the most part. I think that…….”they” are simply here to aid the candidates, but don’t really care WHO becomes God. They might not even be threatened by it.
    I hope the series gets better for you!

  6. I read half the Platinum End manga over a year ago, and to be honest, absolutely hated it. I could finish it, since it’s short, but my blog review would’ve been this miserable post about “how the mighty have fallen,” since this series is actually by the Death Note team. And for how great Death Note and Bakuman were, Platinum End is, to me, a step backward in every way except visuals. I hope, for your sake, that you can enjoy the anime.

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