Here’s the good news. I’m pretty sure there’s no place for Platinum End to go but up. Because this episode was the worst one yet. Well at least for me. The first few minutes were fine but like 80% was just plain tedious. I was actually wishing for characters to die just so the episode would end. Oh…spoilers by the way…

Ok, so for the part of the episode I did not actively dislike. The beginning of episode 14 was basically the end of the confrontation started in episode 12..11? I will say that I didn’t quite get Mirai’s hesitation because it could be someone other than Metropoliman but whatever, that ploy was solved quickly. Then there were some shenanigans with Mirai blocking Metropoliman’s vision with his wings.

I admit I liked this. I didn’t think of it. Admittedly I haven’t put much thought into this show but still. They had previously established that although wings are visible to god candidates they do not interact with the mortal realm other than transport the person they are attached to so Metropoliman couldn’t grab them. Smart. Good. Wasted on a sequence that is filled with plot holes and based on a faulty premise but in isolation, good.

I will say that when I was looking over my screencaps, The images from the fight between Mirai, Metropoliman and Saki looked pretty good. The angles were interesting and the framing was decent. But in the actual show, the animation really went down a notch during this sequence which made it look rather cheap in my opinion. There were a lot of stills and the movement got jagged. Basically, they seemed to have used the bare minimum about of cells they could get away with.

And then, it got mind-numbing. The rest of the episode (which was maybe 80% of the runtime) was divided between Mukaido shooting Metropoliman in very slow motion and almost a minute of a veritable barrage of bullets just shredding his body. Then the rest was Mukaido dying in the hospital. All of which in absolutely overbearing melodrama on every level. Even the music was too much. It was painful you guys. And I wasn’t sad at all. The scenes were so heavy-handed that I really couldn’t muster any empathy at all.

The only redeeming thing I can say is that the angels carrying the souls of the departed like potato sacks was kind of funny. It got a chuckle out of me.

Like I said, I do think that this is a turning point in the show. It has to be. Both Metropoliman and Mukaido are gone which means a pretty serious shift in the narrative. I liked Mukaido but he was kind of a bummer and I’ve already told you all that U think Metropoliman is a huge waste of a potentially interesting antagonist. From where I sit, I think the exit of both of these characters will likely mean an improvement of the show. Or a better chance of me enjoying future episodes. So I guess it’s a win?

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  1. I thought the wife’s reaction at the deathbed was interesting. Prepared, but shattered. Just standing there motionless. Considering how over-the-top melodramatic the rest of the episode was this was a little surprising. If the entire show could be like that… I still think the angels are the best thing about the show.

    I admit I’m actually curious about something (and I’m surprised about that): If Metropoliman is dead, what role will his friend who has figured out his identity play? I can’t tell.

    1. I actually thought about that as well. The cynical part of me, and to be honest that’s the major part of me, thinks it will be an abandoned plot line that leads nowhere and they just set it up for no reason… I hope I’m wrong.

  2. Ok. So this episode didn’t so much as wanted you to take a drink as much as hold its drink, as it proved to you how taxing watching someone die can be.

    Tony Stark’s Endgame death this wasnt, that was my takeaway from the review. Well… In our lives a little tedium must fall. But your right. Things can only go up from the bottom of the hole the title dug itself into. Unless the hole led to the Hollow Earth, then things are about to defy physics and go upside down.

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