I don’t know if you guys read my review for last week’s Platinum End. The short version is, I really didn’t like last week’s episode. In fact, I decided that I was bound to like whatever was coming up next more because I couldn’t like it less.

Well, I’ve now seen what was coming up next and…

Platinum End has always been exposition heave. In its defence, it does have a heck of a lot of things to explain but still. In any case, the episode started out with what was essentially a recap of last week’s events. Because we certainly didn’t get enough of it just last week. Man, this show was not written for me.

I will say that I did enjoy Mirai and Saki’s interactions. At first, I was like, Saki girl, what’s wrong with you. I thought we talked about this already. But then I remembered that she was still under the red arrows spell and it all made sense. I appreciated that Mirai was in fact a little freaked out at having to interact with someone that was just blindly smitten with them and did nothing but agree and support them without any will of their own. Yeah, someone who just agrees with you all the time and tells you you’re great is actually not that interesting to be around. Go figure. And I’m sort of surprised this show made the point. But hey, happy to see it.

He also mentioned that Metropoliman was already shot by a red arrow and it was probably from another God candidate. Probably??? What exactly are the options here? If Saki’s mind hadn’t been turned to goo by the red arrow, I’d like to think she would have made fun of him.

We quickly learned that yes, Metropoliman was under someone else’s control. A small kid at that. And well… this is sort of horribly good.

See the thing is, if Metropoliman had been under this kid’s control for most of the show, and it does seem like it was the case. it kind of explains everything. Why his plans didn’t make that much sense and were kind of counter to his own interests. Why the brilliant mastermind was coming up with pitiful plays that were bound to fail. If it was all because of a kid, and a kid that didn’t want him to win at that. Well, that makes the whole show make so much more sense. And I don’t want to admit it.

Now don’t get me wrong. There are too many problems with the writing for me to be all that generous here. I’m not going to reframe everything and say, oh it was actually good all along. No. Everything about this show makes me think that we were supposed to think the plots up until now were brilliant. And this twist was supposed to blow our minds instead of me going, oooh that explains a lot.

But still, in a very generous reading, you could call it a somewhat logical turn of events which makes past events better. And gosh darn it, I did not think this show had it in it. I’m impressed.

One of the reasons why I am completely unwilling to consider the idea that all of this was masterfully planned by the author; is the last act. So the kid, who’s named Susumu, reveals all to the media. He asks ordinary people to be on the lookout for other candidates so they can choose the next god together. And everyone loses their ish.

Mirai and Saki are all like, he’s out of his mind! The whole world will be hunting us. The news crew are all acting like they’re about to faint. people around the world are aghast. But man, isn’t this like the 4th time the existence of angels and god candidates has been revealed. Do ordinary humans immediately forget all about that stuff every two days or something. Don’t get me wrong, I think the way Susumu went about it is infinitely smarted than what Metropoliman did, but at this point, I’m not sure if it changes that much. Or anything at all.

His angel looks funny. Oh and we also learned from one of the new angles that it’s actually possible for this whole thing to end without a new god having been chosen. I didn’t realize that was an option. That adds a bit of interest.

Even though I called it, I’m kind of stunned to say, I didn’t dislike this episode. I’ll do you one letter, I kind of liked it. I mean, there was too much exposition, The main characters were their usual pieces of stale wood. But well, it had some interesting ideas and I like the kid. Throwing a small kid who’s not always rational and has a still stunted morality is a good move for this show. Can you imagine how terrifying a 5-year-old god would be? I think this kid is 7 but that’s close enough.

For the first time in a long time. Maybe ever! I’m curious about what happens next!

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  1. I actually sort of liked this episode, too. It’s suprising. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I’m actually curious, but I did like the kid’s move near the end. It’s such a fun wild-card move.

    Also, if none of the other god-candidates had shot Metropoliman, I can see two possibilities: an angel shot him (I don’t trust them; it’s against the rules, but some mightn’t care), or he shot himself (we’d never have known the difference, as in love with himself as he’s always been). It’d have been hilarious if he accidently fell on it.

    1. Oh man, shooting yourself with a red arrow is brilliant. Why didn’t the thre mains do that before confronting Metropoliman instead of shooting each other. It would have been way safer!

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