Platinum End is a bit like a rollercoaster. By that, I mean that if I’m not feeling up to it, it can make me a little bit nauseous.

Last week was a high, with pretty good episodes all around but this week. I see hope Visual Prison has something good going for it because my other seasonal waches have been falling flat at number 9.

Can we at least agree that Platinum End is not exactly a great character study? It’s a plot-driven anime and so far character development has been rather spotty. So I don’t have high hopes for a new antagonist introduced in episode 9.

To be honest with you guys, just because of how he was introduced, with the extended sob story and all, I’m going to guess that he’s not going to last too long. Either Mikaido or Mirai will get him next week, or maybe the week after that. Or he’ll fail in his mission and Metropoliman will get annoyed and kill him himself. I don’t know this for a fact, but you could say it’s my intuition.

This said, if they keep him around, there might be some fun to have with the character. Hajime is petty and very small-minded which is a great contrast to every other character in Platinum End. And his angel, Balta, is awesome. As usual, the angels are way more interesting than the people. Why don’t they make an all angel spinoff?

As for the main characters. Well not that much to say, really. Saki is still entirely useless but now she has a suit and also realizes she’s useless. So progress? And the other two didn’t do much. That’s not entirely true. After all, Mukaido’s family got kidnapped and he flew into a rage. But it all just seemed like going through the motions to get to the next part of the plot. Or maybe I was just not in the mood for it.

As soon as I say that their new headquarters was an abandoned church, quickly followed by Saki in a somewhat catsuit, all I could think was wow, this is getting ridiculous and not in a good way. Normally, I love ridiculous but it was just too disjointed and uneven for me to really enjoy it. Not to mention all the drama they threw in.

Like I said, the angels were the best part. Nasse and Baret were barely present. I think they got about one line each. But Revel still has a small B plot as he’s still trying to study everything to go up in rank. And that was cute. I thought they were all going to help him but I guess not. Oh well.

All in all, I just wasn’t very impressed by this week”s Platinum End. I know that it can be better than this. Or at least I think so… OK, I know that it can be dumber than this in a fun way. Yeah, let’s aim for that!

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  1. It took me quite a while to realise that Saki’s suit was a cat girl suit, and I only realised that when the characters talked about the tail (which I somehow missed). That’s how much attention I’m paying to the show.

    I also don’t think the new character will stick around very long. He’s got the expendable character design. You know, the people with the exaggerated realistic traits of a caricature? None of them lasted so far. Really, I’ll probably finish the show, but of the shows I haven’t dropped yet, it’s my least favourite, no contest.

    Revel made the episode for me.

  2. I skimmed to the screen-grabs mostly because I was curious about this anime and didn’t want to read spoilers. But just looking at those grabs, it makes my brain do all kinds of WTF. Also that hair colour combination? I’m definitely going to use that in an upcoming bet with my cousin lmao. “…dumber than this in a fun way,” definitely makes me curious enough to try it out though. 🙂

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