I’m not going to lie to you guys, I’ve sort of checked out from Platinum End. Mirai had this big love speech or something in the latter half of the episode and 30 seconds after it was finished, I couldn’t have told you a single thing he said. And that was supposed to be the emotional high this week.

For me, the best part of Platinum End came when I realized that there were just two more episodes to go! Most of the other shows I’m watching have 3!

One thing I will say is that my notes are pretty awesome this week. In the sense that if someone was to read them out of context, I think they would have a good time with it. The first one simply says “Maybe God just doesn’t want to talk to you. Have you ever thought about that?”. I don’t think I will ever have a chance to use that line in real life and that makes me a little sad. My second line says “Humanity will bore itself to death, makes sense”. Which I think I had said a few times in real life. So yay!

I have a few other notes. Instead of listening to the professor’s spiel about the future and time and all that, I started writing down random theories that weren’t. But I wasn’t doing it on purpose. I thought I was paraphrasing what Yoneda was saying but then I realized that it wasn’t the same at all and I had just decided to go on a random theory that interested me more. Something about all points in time exists simultaneously but is perceived by humans in a linear way. So the secret to time travel would be to adjust our perception. Like time glasses or something. Now there’s a small chance Yoneda actually did say that and I insta forgot it because I did that a lot this week. But I think he started on the future not really existing and I just embellished from there. In any case, I’d watch the time perception show I might have made up.

There is one point that bugged me though. And I’m surprised I still care enough to be bugged. But considering everything the characters know about Yoneda. All his writing that Mirai expressly tells us he has read. And everything he’s done up until now. Even if they don’t know about the “experiments”, why would any of the other god candidates believe that he would leave any one of them alive? After all, as long as they are still god candidates they should still be considered an obstacle to Yoneda’s ideals.

Mirai is supposed to be a smart kid. Why would he buy that. And I know someone might tell me, he probably realized there was a strong chance Yoneda would kill them all but he still didn’t want to see Saki die so he had no choice. Ok, but then why go through that first part. Why make him renounce his claim of wanting to become god just to change the rules around right after. Was that just to waste everyone’s time? To make the public opinion of Mirai go down? Why? And who can blame a 15-year-old boy for choosing his girlfriend? Like duh…

Anyways, the episode ends and it looks like the main character is about to go down and here’s my view. I just don’t believe they’re going to kill off Mirai. I would say that I don’t think the show can pull it off but Platinum End has had no issue doing things it can’t pull off. So I’ll say that given what I’ve seen of the narrative so far, I simply don’t think that they would come up with something for two whole episodes if they kill off Mirai now. Something’s going to save him. Maybe an act of god. That would really refute a lot of Yoneda’s views and could actually be a fun little irony.

Personally, I hope that Saki goes berserk and hulks out, exploding her duct tape restrains into a beautiful rain of silver confetti and proceeding to Rambo her way through everyone, leaving a path of blood and destruction in her wake until only her and Mirai remain. At least, that’s my wish.

Actually, another interesting way to go would be to kill off Mirai next week, drag it out for the first act then the rest of the episode can be the aftermath and extermination of the remaining candidates. But then at the last second Yoneda betrays his partner. Then in the last episode, he’s living this ridiculously opulent existence as a god and it turns out he just wanted all the power for himself right from the start and is an egotistical bon vivant at heart who just never had the chance to really express it. The nihilistic misanthropy being just a fallback position that he was never particularly attached to.

For the record, I figure there’s a next to zero chance of either of these things happening. If I were to bet, I think Saki and Mirai have to end up together somehow. That isn’t satisfying but it is what the story has been clumsily leading to. So either fun time Yuri or depressive Shuuji have to be our next god. And although I think Yuri would definitely be more fun, Shuuji does have some interesting potential and I feel it’s likely that the author would choose the one character that’s still suicidal as the new God. It just seems more, for lack of a better word, edgy…

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  1. Maybe the plot’ll shift to the afterlife? You know, we always follow the protagonist…

    Seriously, I don’t know where this is going, and I don’t really care. I don’t think Mirai will die; his name’s literally “future”. But it’s still possible. Yoneda’s talk sounds just like a hardcore determinism; but his certainty seems a little silly. I’m also not sure why he should care whether humans determine their fates themselves? Why the private talk (obviously still being broadcast)? I’m thinking he needs to play public opinion for some reason, not sure why, not sure the show knows why, either?

    So, we still have the happiness angle, which has been basically passed down to Mirai from Nasse. I wouldn’t put it above her to intervene, even against God’s rules. And then there’s also that police officer on scene, who probably still has a role to play (but who knows).

    So it’s still two more episodes? I was hoping one. It’s dreadfully boring right now.

    1. Dreadfully boring sums it up perfectly… Sadly, this might end up being my takeaway alltogether.

  2. The entire species being bored to death?

    Maybe that’s why we never achieve a peaceful and tranquil world. The conflict and uncertainty are the only thing that keeps things interesting. A game where nobody ever really wins or loses would eventually end because nobody would care any more.

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