I really wanted to name this week’s Platinum End post: Butt Wings Rides Again but let’s face it, that’s what I want to name all my Platinum End posts. And that might get confusing…

You may have noticed that I have a generally reasonable number of screencaps for my Platinum End episodes. By my standards at least. That’s because I don’t like these character designs. Or maybe it’s the art style I’m not jiving with but I’m inclined to say designs because I actually think the angels look great. But all the human characters are not my thing.

I will say, it was a nice fakeout that the angel we saw in last week’s cliffhanger actually belongs to a brand new character. I was sure it was going to be Metropoliman and I think Platinum End did a pretty nice switcheroo there.

On the downside, I have been watching a lot of anime with moody quiet girl protagonists lately and I’m not that interested in watching another one right now. My first impression of Saki left me quite bored. This said, she does come with Revel and that’s a plus for me. Aside from the fantastic wing placement, Revel actually has a bit of personality that can serve as a much-needed character foil for the rest of the cast. And I think he did liven up the scenes he was in, even though I don’t think he can carry a scene by himself. So that’s a plus.

You know how to get me to really like a show I’m rather tepid about. Drop-in out of the blue romance I have no emotional connection to with a never-before-seen character. Honestly, when Mirai got shot and thought to himself, I’m not losing my sense because I already loved her, I thought my eyes would roll straight out of my head. Although for now they are not really leaning into the romantic aspect so much as using it for a character arc but I fear for the future. And his name is Mirai!

And is it just me or does the main character more or less get a brand new personality each episode? It’s not great writing but if they manage to keep it up for the whole season, it might actually end up very fun in its own way.

I’m raging on the show a lot but the fact is, this was probably my favourite episode. Maybe in part because I’ve adjusted my expectations. It’s not very well written. I can’t tell you if that’s a failing of the original story or of the adaptation but the premise is shallow, the plot is often hamfisted and the dialogue is clumsy. In my opinion. Yet I’m liking every episode more than the last so what do I know? I’m as surprised as you to say that I’m curious to find out what happens on the next episode of Platinum End.

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  1. It’s like a fun trashy show lol I’m not as far as you , but I think it will be fun. Reminds me of future diary more than death note , but with added rediculousness .

  2. Once you accept that things that happen won’t necessarily make sense, you can go with the flow. Yeah, I can’t say that much good about this show, but it’s growing on me, too. It’s just such a trainwreck, and I’m starting to have fun with it.

    Well, one thing that does make sense is that the girl would be moody. I mean, the angels choose suicidal characters, right? I’m about as fine with her as with the main character, whatever that might mean.

    I’ll be there next week.

    1. I agree. The girl makes sense. I’m just a bit over that archetype at the moment.
      Trainwreck is exactly what it is. You don’t exactly want it to happen but since it’s happening, you kind of want to see how it playes out.

  3. I think I’m just like you in that regard- liking a series the more I watch it, even though I wasn’t the biggest fan at first. It happened with “Undead Unluck” and “Boruto-” which are now 2 series I read almost religiously. It takes A LOT to make me drop a series(I got like 20 or 30 chapters into “Me And Roboco” before I dropped it).

    1. I know what you mean. I feel like I’ve watched so many meh shows because I was hoping they would get better.

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