The official title for this penultimate episode of Platinum End is “At The End of Thought”, and that seems impressively self-aware for this show. If it was in a different series, I would have been impressed by the witty self-depreciation there. Also, I think this title pretty accurately reflects my personal experience throughout the entire season of this show.

So uhm…I don’t really have much to say. Except make me god cause I’m psychic. I guessed that the depressed kid was going to end up as god… I honestly would not have guessed how he ended up as god but then again, it’s not like it really made that much sense. Yoneda just kinda decided all his defining character traits didn’t matter that much and they voted the kid god. Yay… If that sounds a little anti-climatic, there’s a reason.

This said some things did happen this week. For instance, Saki actually did a thing. At least I think it was Saki. The character models have been getting quite inconsistent in the last month so it’s not always easy to tell. It was either Saki or someone that stile her costume. Speaking of inconsistent character models, look at this, who is THIS chick. Was there a horrible accident we were not informed of?

I mean at this point can you afford to lose any fans?

Oh, and Nasse got demoted for about 10 seconds. Then she got promoted right back again. That was a particularly useless string of events. I mean they demoted her so for a tiny bit of time Mirai didn’t have wings or a white arrow to defend himself against Yoneda. But also, he was never going to defend himself against Yoneda because they had Saki hostage. That was the issue, not the lack of wings. It changed absolutely nothing and was reverted by the next scene. Why? I hope it makes more sense in the manga because at this point it’s just the clumsiest filler ever. They made a big scene out of it and it was entirely inconsequential.

On the bright side though, before becoming god, Shuji, and perhaps the show by extension, took the brave stance that murder is kind of rude.

at this point, I’m mostly just confused by why there’s an episode left. This episode ended with the new god Shuji being “taken over” by the creature and they made it sound as if that’s a problem. But do we care? And if it is, what are they going to do in one episode? To me, it should have ended here. Maybe they’ll spare us further nonsense and next week will just be an epilogue. Everyone living their lives a year down the line or something. Saki and Mirai eating ramen Lady and the Tramp like. Yoneda getting exasperated as his new assistant drops the very delicate research he was working on. That sort of thing.

A least I hope that’s what they are going for. If Platinum End finishes on a cliffhanger, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to take it.

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  1. I very nearly laughed out loud when Nasse got re-promoted. It was just so silly.

    I did sort of like the way suicide promotion kid suddenly wasn’t in favour of suicide if it’s someone he doesn’t want to die. It rings true. The rest of the episode…

    Maybe the show’s called Platinum End because the fact that it has an end is incredibly valuable? I’ve often wondered about the title.

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