From now on, I think you should just consider me an unreliable narrator when it comes to Platinum End. I just can’t seem to focus on it. I caught myself putting together Genshi builds in my head as this week’s episode was going on and I can’t really guarantee that I didn’t miss something. But there is just no way I’m watching it again.

What can I say, it’s a free blog…

I will admit, I do think that it’s kind of hilarious that they bothered to redeem Saki’s character and give her this whole empowerment arc. Then they rope Revel into it and made him study until he was sick, just to make the character stronger and allow her to finally hold her own in battle. And after all that, all the show can think of for Saki to do, is literally shake her tail. Love it. The writers aren’t even trying to hide their disdain for the character. Heck, she even did the gentle lady gasp right in the middle of battle and went to seek refuge in Mirai’s arms… also in the middle of battle. If Platinum End was a parody, this would be brilliant.

Aside from that, it sort of felt like more of the same. Again, this is probably viewer error. I’m not feeling this show. I deeply do not care about any of these characters and so I can’t be bothered to get into the action. But still, it seems like, with a few exceptions, every episode of Platinum End is more or less the same as the others in effect. Things happen and the plot does progress in some way but nothing really gets developed or explored. Maybe it’s just me.à

So we met 3 new god candidates. This should be a big deal but they’re just sort of thrown out there. Like oh yeah, here’s 3 new super-powered antagonists. No back story or anything. I did like their designs. The naughty nurse was my favourite. Unfortunately, her virus gimmick was kind of dumb and the explanation she gave made no sense.

In the Platinum End universe, god candidates are the biggest obstacle possible. Well, they’re the only one so far but that seems to be just a lack of imagination. In any case, each new god candidate represents either a chance at an ally and renewed hope or a formidable foe that could spell the end of everything. They are supposed to be big bads. And yet, the show is now clearly treating them as disposable and that dramatically lessens the impact they have.

Also, I will admit that Platinum End has been pretty good about one thing. It has stuck to its own lore in that god candidates are suicidal. That’s a really weird rule, to begin with, but at least, it’s been consistent. And we’ve seen it in every one of them so far. Both in their backgrounds with some type of cruel or unfair circumstance and in their personalities which even when boisterous betray depression and anxiety. Metropoliman is the most difficult one to accept but we can assume his sister’s death pushed him over the brink. But these new guys? They’re stock villains, why would they ever think of killing themselves. They fight with machine guns and viruses. Both things they don’t need their candidate powers for. They could still fit in very well if we learned more about them but as it stands, they seem to clash.

Anywho, that’s all I got for you guys this week. I’m going to assume we lose split hair colour guy and Mukaido in this fight. Maybe just split hair guy, Mukaido has to go down in a blaze of glory or in some really pathetic way so they might want to save it for an episode that can focus on him. I’m going to be saddest about not getting to know Balta better. He’s my favourite right now.

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