I have some good news and some not so good news. 

You may remember a few days ago when I shared my frustration at not seeing all your blogs in my reader app. Thank you so much to everyone who commented and tried to help. I really appreciate it. I finally decided to just contact WordPress directly to see if anything could be done. Let me just say that their customer support rep was really lovely and patient. I received a response quickly and they stuck by me until the issue was (more or less) resolved. Unfortunately there are still some glitches but there has been a net improvement.

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The Good: The main thing I found out is that if you have added any “tags” to follow in your reader (i.e. anime), the reader will weed out any posts that do not include at least one of those tags even if the word itself is in the title. I had a number of tags which I use to discover new blogs. I have now removed them all and I’m getting a lot more of your posts again.Related image

The Not so Good: Unfortunately, some blogs (at least one that I know of) still don’t seem to be showing up. I’m using a combination of reader/email to try to avoid missing anything but some things may still fall between the cracks. Additionally, the reader app for mobiles is just…lets say janky. It’s really a coin toss what will appear in there and you can more or less be guaranteed that if you only check your reader feed on your phone, you are missing a whole bunch of new posts. (Possibly this one!)

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The Bad: What the lovely customer support rep and I did discover during our time together is a problem I did not even know I had. In at least one instance, I am following a blog – when I go to that blog’s page the “follow me” button clearly shows “you are following this blog”, and that little pop up at the bottom also indicates “following” but it does not show up in my followed blogs list. It’s as if somehow the connection between my account and the blog was never made and so far, no one knows why this is happening. I’ve bookmarked the blog so I can check it manually since even emails aren’t an option in that case but this one is a major bummer. We only managed to identify one blog with this issue but as you can imagine, these are very difficult to pinpoint.

So there you have it. From a practical standpoint I do believe I am seeing a lot more of your posts and the problem is mostly resolved but some issues remain. WordPress is working hard on improving their tools so I’m cautiously optimistic that these too will be resolved soon(ish).

I just wanted to keep you guys posted in case you were having similar issues.

Have the funnest weekend!

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  1. This was interesting to read as I’ve discovered recently that I have the same problem! I’ve followed so many lovely blogs at this point that sometime I forget until I see something to remind me of that person and I think ‘wait… I haven’t seen anything from them for quite a while.. What happened??’ and I go to their blog and they’ve been faithfully blogging and I wonder why I didn’t know about it?? It makes me feel terrible..

  2. Could it be a browser issues too? I know when Firefox updated, and my addons did as well to match, it messed up wordpress for me. The follow and like buttons were gone all of a sudden and I couldn’t really do things that I could before. When I went on Chrome, it was all there.

    I did end up fixing the issue, but if it’s a browser one then it might be your addons messing with you instead of it just being wordpress.

    1. You know I hadn’t even considered that. I’m on Chrome mind you but it’s still worth seeing what it looks like in other browsers. Thanks – that’s a great idea!

  3. Oh how frustrating! I hope things get fixed and work out for you, I mean, what a sucky start to 2018! I guess I should keep a look out for this as well. What a pain ^.^ I hope things work out soon!

  4. Glad you got the issue got mostly sorted, but it is strange and annoying how glitchy WordPress can be for mobile devices. For some reason using the reader has always got me worried that I’m missing stuff, because there never seems to be many posts from my favourite anibloggers in there. So I just tend to stick to email subscription for ones I want to keep a close eye on (including this one 😉) then check people’s feeds via my list of followed blogs to make sure I haven’t missed anything.

    I hope this will be the last you see of these sorts of issues, but it sucks that with that follow glitch you can never really be sure. Fingers crossed for you that you don’t end up missing stuff from here on out.

    1. I’m knocking on wood. Reading blogs is such a fun part of my day, I know missing a post isn’t dramatic but it makes me a little sad.

  5. I didn’t check after your first post on this issue, but I went and checked a few of the blogs on my Reader that I know I follow through email and thankfully it doesn’t seem to have happened to me. However, my main platform is desktop so I’m not sure how much it applies to me. I’ll be sure to check my phone later on though, just in case.

    Hopefully this entire issue goes away soon…

  6. I’m glad the issue was mostly resolved! It’s a good thing WordPress are working on it and hopefully an update that solves all of this will be coming soon! 😊
    I read posts on my phone all the time 😱 Maybe I should start checking out posts from my laptop so I don’t miss anything! I did not know this was a possibility, so thank you for sharing that! 😊

  7. Oh I totally didn’t know that having tags in your Reader did that. Glad you posted about it or I woulda never known and missed a bunch of stuff!

  8. I’m glad the issue got at least partially resolved for you. And as you can see: I’m luckily still seeing your posts, so that is also a good thing. It is definitely annoying though these issues and I trust WordPress is doing their best to resolve them let us hope an update or something will fix all of the problems.
    Hope you will have a great weekend yourself! 😀😀

  9. Sounds like they were a lot more helpful than they have been when I’ve contacted regarding comments getting sent to spam. That is good news. Hopefully the other issues are resolved soon.

      1. It is a persistent issue where on a day I’ll start doing my usual visits to blogs and when I post a comment it vanished. I only knew they were going to spam because a few of the people informed me that’s where they found the comment. This happens periodically and it is really annoying. I know it also happens to other bloggers from time to time. One thing I did learn was to check my own spam folder because occasionally I have legitimate comments waiting for me.

        1. I should really get into that habit. I discovered such sweet comments that are now months old and it would be odd to respond…

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